First DayMature

I was in my nice warm bed, sleeping. It was only 6:30, way to early for me to be up. God, I didn’t wake up to eleven on good days. Not that day.

Daddy was shacking me. Hard. I rolled over and gave him a look.


“Get up and get ready. You uniform in on the back of the door. Your going to attend school today.” He said grimly. I shot up and gasp.

“Your kidding me!”

“I am not. I know you didn’t get back to two last night. So you will attend a solid week of school.” He said sternly.

“Daddy no! Please don’t make me!” I sobbed.


“Fine.” He left my room, and I crawled out of my warm bed. I looked at my uniform. A plaid blue and green skirt, a white blouse and a black jacket. A pair of Mary Janes and white knew socks laid below it.

I made my way to my bathroom, got a quick shower and flat-ironed my hair, than I pulled in back into a pony tail. Good, I looked bad.

Than I dressed and looked at my shoulder.

“You can do this Riley.” I sad to myself as I emptied my biggest purse to be used as my book bag.

By the time I was ready, it was 7:58. Class started in two minutes. I spirited down the hallway and into my first class.

The only empty seat was next to Jackson. Great. I slid into my seat and read the bored, trying my hardest not to seem pissy. Which I was.

Five key steps to extracting information effectively out of the opponent

 Was written boldly on the black bored. Oh great, stuff I learned when I was ten.

“Could this be easier,” I said aloud. The teacher looked up from her lecture.

“Is there something you want to add, Miss. Jones?”

“Yea, I do.” I said boldly. “We have gradation in less than a month and you guys are only o this? Jesus, I learned this when I was ten!” I said. A gasp went out in class room.

“Not all of had the privilege of being tutored, Riley.” The teacher said.

“Really? I hadn’t noticed.” I said, looking down.

The End

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