Jackson - In ClassMature

Really, what was wrong with that woman? I was only trying to help! And she shooed me right off, as though I left my comfortable dorm to go out into the sticky humid air just to watch her put her clothes on! I liked to have my fun now and then, but I was not so low as to perv on an innocent girl. Wait, I take that back. Whatever that Riley girl was, she was definitely NOT innocent. I swear she is up to something…

But enough about her. I wasn’t going to let her thoughts ruin my day. She can run around the forest at midnight and fall into a ditch for all I care. I had more important things to think about. It was only two weeks til the final examination for graduating spies. I had to do well. Because the top spy graduate will become one of the members of Mr Jones’ private troop. And let me tell you, Mr Jones’ private troop always gets all the fun. They get the dangerous missions, true, but weren’t some danger now and then always fun?

I took extra care today to avoid the staircase that goes past the Jones’ living quarters. I definitely didn’t want to be late again. And I did not want to bump into that prickly Riley with her loud mouth. I jogged up the back staircase to get to Extracting Information, and got to class with plenty of time to spare. I dropped my books on the back desk and lounged back on my chair, waiting for the rest of the class to come.

“Jackson, why the hell are you here so early?” asked Ryan as he dumped his books on the desk next to mine.

“Felt like being on time for once, you know,” I answered, “And plus, I get to get the best seat in the house!”

“Ah! The best seat in the house, eh?” teased Ryan, winking, “Right next to Becca Taylor!”

I swatted at him, and we both laughed. The class gradually filled up, and finally Ms Clarke started writing on the board. Five key steps to extracting information effectively out of the opponent.I scribbled down the heading. Damn it, Becca Taylor never turned up!

The classroom door slid open, and I could hear the scraping sound of the chair leg as the chair next to me was being pulled back. Looking up, I saw that it wasn’t Becca. Riley Jones was sitting next to me, her face scrunched up in an annoyed frown. Is she even in this class?


The End

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