A odd meetingMature

When returned to were I had dropped my clothes later that night, I realized I forget to meet Daddy for dinner.ShitI thought as I was trying to button up my blue shirt.

“Miss Jones, umm..do you need help?” Said a voice I didn’t know. I fliped backwards, grabbing my pants belt as a weapon.

“WHO THE HELL ARE YOU, AND WHAT DO YOU WANT?” I yelled covering my shirt, because most of my boobs were showing. Not good.

“I go to school here.” Said the same voice, which was a boy stepping into the light. “I’m Jackson.”

“I’m Riley. Please go away, I’m half dressed and have to get to a dinner.”

“You do know it’s almost 2 am?” He said smartly.

“DAMN IT! If I ran I might make it…Daddy is going to kill me!” I said the last part to myself, but did not keep the swear to myself.

“You missed the dinner, Riley.” He said. He had curly brown hair that looked windswept. He must have been running, hoping to see me naked. Dickhead.

“Really?” I said in a whinny voice. “Ugg…guess I’ll have a apple and go to bed.

“Ok. Well goodnight.” He said.

“Yeah, Ok. Nice meeting you, James.” I said then shooed him off so I could but my shirt on and go to bed.

The End

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