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It was late, almost one in the morning. Yawning, I glanced away from my pile of notes to quickly check my email. There was nothing special in my inbox, just a load of spam mail and the weekly email from my mother. I opened Mum’s message, and quickly glanced through her words. She sounded so superficially cheery that it made me sick.

“...we are having a great time in Fiji, and Lizzie bought you a fabulous T-shirt! She sends all the love in her heart, and can’t wait to see you at graduation! We love you and miss you so much, and pray for you every single day!

Drowning my little boy with hugs and kisses,

Mum xxxx”

I closed the email window, and silently thanked God that I didn’t have to live with my fool of a family any longer. I never had any purpose with my life until I walked through the doors of World Domination. I can’t wait for the day of my graduation, when I can finally work as a spy and give back something to World Domination. Which reminded me, I still have to go through all the notes for Domination Politics. Mr Boutin was not too happy with my late arrival to class today, and here I am with an extra essay to write. Damn.

I closed my laptop and set it to the side, determined not to procrastinate any longer and to actually finish my essay. I only had the conclusion left, and surely it can’t take that long to write. I set pen to paper and started to scribble down the rest of my essay on the history of Domination Politics.

I finally finished the essay at one thirty. My body was screaming for some rest. I went into the small dorm bathroom to brush my teeth, and stopped to get a glass of water on the way back to my shared dorm with Ryan. I was about to drop dead sleeping when a movement out the window caught my eyes. I moved closer and tried to focus my tired eyes on the movement. Lucky for me the dorm was on ground floor, and so it was relatively easy to see details outside. A flash of blonde hair entered my vision, desperately trying to button her blue shirt. It’s Mr Jones’ daughter. What was she doing?

The End

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