Riley-Flips and TricksMature

I grabbed my hair and forced into a ponytail. Daddy had just made a fool of me. Saying I was ‘The Face of the new world.’That made me sick. I was not! I hated his stupid plan. Hated, hated. Did I say hated?

I was running from the stupid building that Daddy trained boys. I suppose to attend class there, but I never did show up. Daddy never noticed, since he still thinks I’m the perfect little baby girl he had. That was six years ago.

I went into the woods that where o to familiar. I ripped off my jeans into a pair of short black shorts. Dancer shorts. I ripped off my long sleeved blue shirt to a pink tank top. I begin to ran again, dropping my cloths into bushes.

When I returned to Base, the anti-dominion headhunters, I warmly greeted. And questioned my lack of clothing.

“Riley! How did it go?” Polly’s asked as I walked though the halls.

“Just fucking perfect. He wants me to go on a mission. I told him Hell no.”

“Good girl.”

“Sure.” I said. I entered the training room and begin to stretch. I finished quick and looked at Polly.

“Flips today?” I asked.


“Ok.” I was being trained in everything and anything that might be involved in stopping my Father. So I had a black belt, I could take down Mike Tyson, may he rest in Peace, and out wit anyone all well looking sweet and innocent. Fun.

“I want you to do a front flip and kick me.” I nodded and did it. “Good girl.” I nodded.

“Riley, what’s wrong?”

“My Dad.”

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s just so wrong! The way he wants me to be! The way I have to act when I’m around him. I have to act like I’m a nobody, just a girl. Like I should be cooking, cleaning and taking care of children. Not fighting and killing people with a Barbie1” Killing with a Barbie doll was one of my many skills and my favorite.

“If you Dad know who you are, what he do?” she asked simply.

“Lock me up in the basement and make me wear ball gowns.”

“Good to know.”

The End

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