Jackson - EavesdroppingMature

I laid flat in the mud, waiting. The aim was to follow the moving target without getting caught. Inching slowly forward, I slipped behind some bushes and watched as one by one my mates got caught by the red laser gun. I was so close now. Follow the target around the bend and I would succeed. I crept forward, my body tense with adrenaline. Praying to God I won’t get caught, I made a dash out from my hiding place and sprinted towards the bend.

“BEEP!” came that annoying signal from my belt. Damn it! I was so close! Skidding to a stop, I wiped a hand across my mud-crusted face and waited patiently for the rest of my team to come over.

“Very good, Barker! But next time don’t sprint. Be patient and take your time. That’s the golden rule for a spy,” boomed Lieutenant Taylor, giving me a good shove of congratulation. I nodded my thanks.

“Now boys, that’s the end of the training for outdoor spying. Tomorrow we will begin training for the more complex skills of spying from a close distant. Go get your shower now, and make sure you aren’t late for Domination Politics,” barked Lieutenant Taylor, his hard black eyes sweeping over each of us in turn.

We stood straight and saluted at his dismissal, then turned to gather our belongings from the waiting benches. I was one of the first to head to the showers, wanting to take my time with the nice steamy water.

Stepping out of the hot shower, I quickly donned my T-shirt and jeans. I only had three minutes to head to Domination Politics on the third floor, and frankly there wasn’t any time to slow down. Taking a slow jog out of the shower rooms and up the stairs, I stopped by my dorm to dump the dirty clothes and grab my books. I had two minutes to spare, and would’ve made it to class on time if it wasn’t for the commotion on the second floor.

I could hear her voice distinctly as I climbed the staircase to Domination Politics, the yelling voice of Mr Jones’ daughter. I was trying not to eavesdrop, but it’s hard to not overhear when her voice is so loud and shrill. She was screaming to her father about World Domination, punctuating her harsh words with stomps. I was stunned. Who wouldn’t want to support the cause of World Domination?

The door to Mr Jones’ study flung open suddenly, and his daughter stepped out. She slammed the heavy oak door shut with such a force that I swear the building was shuddering. I stood frozen on the staircase, and as she ran down the stairs she gave me such a stare of hatred that I had to look away. I continued walking up to Domination Politics, my mind numb. I was so late for class.

The End

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