Drake: Not all the sameMature

The view outside the window was a tad boring. All I could see was the cobbled street of this tiny village I'd ended up at. I don't know how I'd run all the way here but here I was now. Here I was stuck in a house with a vampire.

The door creaked open behind me and I tensed not turning but glancing a little over my shoulder as the girl inched in with some food on a tray. "I-I brought you something to eat" she whispers lowering the tray down to rest on the end of the bed. I didn't reply seeing her straighten up and sigh brushing down the folds of her dress. "If you need anything else I'll be down stairs"

"Why are you keeping me here?" 

The girl stopped her bright coloured eyes widening as she peered over at me. "Keeping you? No I'm just looking after you. You are free to leave whenever you wish" she said clasping her hands together. I turned on my heels and strode towards my clothes folded neatly on the side table clean and stitched up.

"Then I will go now" I stated moving to pull on my shirt but the pain from my shoulder brought me to my knees gasping. From the corner of my eye I saw the girl inch towards me worried then stop in caution.

"Please" she begged looking honestly worried. "Please let me help you"

"I don't need help from a vampire" I hissed at her watching her wince and stay where she was watching me worried. I struggled to my feet and grabbed the packet of painkillers off the side taking two and swallowing them straight away without water.

"Your wound might be infected" the girl whispers keeping away. "It's a likely scenario from a vampire bite with all the bacteria in a mouth...."



"So do you have any chemicals or alcohol to clean it or what?" I say irritated and watch the girl step back timid. Wait, the girl was a vampire she shouldn't be scared of me. 

"Well usually I don't need any so there's not really any in. I could go out and get some"

I tilted my head watching her fiddle with her hands worried and look at me in a bit of panic. "You're scared... of me...." I muttered watching the girl look down and flush in embarrassment. "Why?"

"Cause you're a vampire hunter and... and I wouldn't be able to stop you if you decided to kill me" she whispers slowly peering up at me with these wide brightly coloured eyes. I'd never seen someone look so innocent but it could be all a vampire ploy. She suddenly looked down. "I'll go get you that stuff to clean the wound" 

I watched her run out and slowly returned to my gazing out the window just to catch a sight of her as she came out onto the street. When she did she glanced back up towards the window and waved then flushed obviously embarrassed about what she had done then ran off.

I felt a small smile on my lips which I quickly removed scowling at my reflection in the glass. No matter how scared and innocent she seemed to be she was a vampire and I needed to always keep that in mind.

The End

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