Susanne: Maintaining MoralsMature

“For once and I don’t say this often I and agreeing with the humans, in particular Sophia on this” I said to Antonius, folding my arms and looking irritated.

“But don’t you understand how much it will help the resistance Susanne…” Antonius started but I cut him off in mid sentence, “Look I understand the logic I do and the others can feed on the humans but I promised myself I wouldn’t feed on a human again. It brings back painful memories” I said not breaking eye contact with him, “I’m fine with the cold blood bags, even if they do taste as bad as cold tea” I said walking away from him and showing that the conversation was not open for discussion.

I decided to take my mind off the bad memories I would explore the new base, it was a lot bigger than the last one had been, a lot more darkened corners and even an obscured staircase to the far right of the warehouse. Boxes piled high formed narrow passageways around the warehouse which was good when you wanted to be alone as you could just slip down a few of these makeshift passageways and soon be lost in the shadows. The staircase had been hidden by boxes piled six high and formed a wall right around it. I leapt up onto some boxes nearby and then onto the top of the ‘wall’ and then over. I deposited my rucksack by the staircase and curiosity drew me up the stairs.

The room at the top of the stairs was tiny, dusty shelves lined the walls which might have once stored equipment but now were bare. There were also several red crates which looked like they were used for standing on, piled in one corner. I hurried back down the stairs and grabbed my rucksack and rushed back up them again deciding that I couldn’t afford to be picky and that if I wanted some privacy this small storeroom seemed like the best place.

After a while of sitting on my own doing nothing in particular I left, leaping over the boxes which separated me from the rest of the resistance. I headed back to main area where most of the resistance were still congregated and sat down cross legged on a nearby box. Some of the vampires who had agreed to Antonius’s suggestion were feeding on some of the humans.

“Susanne, why don’t you just ….” Antonius began but I scowled at him, I could see Sophia sitting apart from the rest of the group mirroring my scowl. It was nice to know we actually agreed on something.

“I have told you, I won’t do it.” I got to my feet and even though I was a little bit shorter than him I could help but feel higher up than him in refusing.

“My morals won’t allow it” I said to him before walking towards a box which temporarily contained all the cold blood bags until we could store them. I picked on up and bit into it.

I wanted to keep a hold of the moral high ground. My Morals.

The End

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