Drake: House of a VampireMature

My mind felt heavy and my vision was blurry as I slowly began to return to the world of the living. I remembered last night as if there was a pixel sharp film playing of the events right in front of me. I let out a groaned pushing a hand back over my face as I began to prop myself up on my elbow. A shot of pain went down my arm from my shoulder and I cried out falling back onto the bed.

I put a hand to my shoulder and felt the texture of a bandage before I saw it as I turned my head to see. It's then I wondered who had done it and how I had got to lying on such a soft mattress. Last thing I had felt was the cold concrete meeting my face. I tried to sit up again but this time slowly and using my other arm. Daylight was streaming through a crack in some curtains to the side which I slid round to face as I sat myself up on the edge of the bed.

The door opened behind me which caused me to spin round, sliding to my feet as I did so, and face the stranger coming in. The girl froze. The vampire froze. She watched me and I watched her as I tried to find my dagger at my hip then my ankle but nothing. The vampire seemed to know what I was looking for and glanced at the side table where all my weapons lay.

I could risk going to get them but what if it tried to jump me which is when I saw the tray in her hands. A tray that was carrying a pitcher of water and glass with a set of fresh bandages. "I'm not gonna hurt you" she said taking a step towards the bed and closer to me which made me inch towards my weapons. She stopped and frown biting her lower lip. It seemed as though she was thinking probably calculating. She knelt down slowly and put the tray on the floor and took a step back. "I just came to change your bandages but I can see you don't trust me so I will leave"

"Trust a vampire? I'd be stupid if I did" I basically spat through my teeth. The girl winced and her eyes fell to the floor as she went still.

"I guess you would see it that way" she said before turning and leaving. The door clicked softly shut behind her but not locked. I hesitated before going round the bed for the tray snatching the bandages off it. I went to a mirror propped in the corner and checked my current bandage stained red with my blood gritting my teeth I began to remove it.

The blood had stuck the bandage to my skin causing it to pull at the tender area as I removed it. I grit my teeth against the pain squeezing my eyes shut as I tried my best to remove it soft and gentle. Usually I had Andrew around to attend to my wounds or... Someone. I eventually got the bandage off and tossed it into a bin sitting next to the mirror luckily. With the bandage off I took time to examine the wound. Two sharp puncture marks of the fangs that had sunk into my skin. My legs went shaky and I had to use the wall for support. I'd never been bit before. Not like this. The times before had been in the heat of battle but this felt like a violation.

Shaking my head I turned to grab the bandage to find the vampire had returned her head poking just out from behind the open door. "Are you okay?" She asked quietly looking up at me from her low height.

She was so small and thin. Most vampires I had fought were muscular and well built. This girl though wasn't and the only signs of her being a vampire was the fangs sitting in her mouth.

"Not really" I said touching my shoulder and again she cast her eyes down. She hesitated and stepped in a little.

"Do you want me to bandage it for you? It's an awkward spot" she offered.

I shook my head and she nodded leaving again. I found myself staring at the door after her. My thoughts angered me and my hand shot out to grab the bandage that was to redress my wound but it was with the wrong arm with which I grabbed for the bandage. I cried out and dropped the bandage putting a hand to my wound. Slowly I sat down on the floor wishing, only a little, that I was back with the resistance. 

The End

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