I grinned at Susanne, it was odd how thrilling such a mundane thing as hiding in a roof had become- I put it down to the total regulation of the humans running this resistance. What they were resisting, I was unsure of, because they sure as hell weren't doing shit to slow down the First-Bloods.

I mean, hurrah for them, killing street rats, but the First-Bloods were the main family, the chosen few, of the vampire race. They were the hierarchy of this world now, and I had joined this infamous resistance in order to fight back against them. Subconsciously, my right hand slid over to the rest, finding the solidity of my ring under the glove. 

"We are alike indeed." I murmured.

A stark scream from the library above, echoing down the stairs below tore my thoughts from idle into full action. Twisting, lithe as a snake, I pushed my body out between the thick rafters, landing cat like on my feet, balancing with one hand on the ground, beside Sophia.

Almost a full second behind me, I felt the slight vibration of Susanne landing beside me.

Sophia was on full alert, knelt down and dagger drawn, held in a back-handed fashion, the blade pointing down from her clenched fist. I was surprised, she knew her stuff, I'd assumed she was just a very practiced amateur.

Thud, Thud, Thud, Squelch. 

I knew the smell, the waft of fresh blood past my nostrils and I fought back the urge to rush to the dismembered head, and drain it dry. I knew I could resist, but I also knew the only reason I could resist was because I had fed recently.

I felt Susanne tense up beside me, and in less than a heartbeat, I pivoted and latched my arm around her, throwing her backwards off balance, before the thirst rush could really start. The others, however, I couldn't stop.

I shoved one off to the side, cracking the stone in the wall and threw a second back onto a bookshelf. But the other dozen or so vampires had already crowded the head, and were literally tearing at each other for it.

"Disgusting, weak, parasites." Spat Sophia.

"This is your fault." I retorted, she began to turn, but before she could do or say anything. A mad laughter boomed around the low roofed room. Three figures sped down the stairs, at incredible speed, knocking aside the underfed resistance vampires like ten-pins. 

Then a forth followed, with equal speed but with even more ferocity, passing the others without a qualm, his glowing red eyes locked on Sophia. Tossing his outstretched hand anyway from her face, with barely inches to spare, I threw myself at the attacker, putting all of my weight behind a punch to his jaw. 

I was left slightly off balance, but the attacker was launched from his feet through the air, snapping against the solid oak beams that held up the roof. Glancing up, I saw the first three disposing of the last of their victims. Behind me, I felt the few vampires I had thrown away from the trap coming to their feet, and the human resistors finally pulling themselves into some order behind Sophia. 

Almost in a cinematic fashion, the three stood, and turned to face the group of resistors, as the forth limped back to their side.

I half expected them to turn away, and leave with some cryptic message, but I wasn't so lucky. The four of them, together, rushed us. Two of them had their eyes locked solely on me. By the time I reacted, they were already two feet away. I opened my hand, and using the blade of bone laying inbetween the thumb and the first finger, I cut at the first's throat, his own velocity causing the snap, crack, and wet pop that announced the separation of his head from his body.

The second took me in a full bodied tackle, shattering several of my ribs and sending the pair of us flying through the room, crushing one or two humans who were unfortunately caught in the way. 

Crashing through several book cases we finally came to a rest against the back wall, wasting no time I tightened my grip in his hair, and drove his face hard and fast into the cold stone, repeating the action until the bones, skin and muscle vaguely resembled mashed potato.

Throwing the twisting body off me, I rose just in time to see Susanne tearing the head off the third vampire, the corpse of the forth already laying at Sophia's feet. 

Silently, I made my way across the room to Sophia.

"I recognize this one. We passed him on the street during one of our raids, must've been his den we hit. Looking for revenge, probably." she spoke, almost to herself, before snapping back into character. "You two!" she yelled at two of the men behind her, "Go finish up that one over there, and bring them here. We have to burn them."

She unhooked a steel flask from her belt. "Methylated Spirits" She explained. "For occasions just like this. "We burn the bodies. Then we move. Questions?"


The End

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