Susanne: ParanoidMature

The shadows enveloped me, hiding me from view which was how I liked it. Prying eyes were something I could definitely do without, which I guess was one of the perks of being a vampire as humans don’t tend to pry on the business of a vampire.

I slipped between bookcases and into the darkest corner of the base where I had rigged a battered old punch bag I had stolen many months ago to the ceiling. It was quite a good way to vent the anger which bubbled and sometimes threatened to overflow when I was in close proximity to the humans. They were so …. Human, all those questions they asked made them easy prey and it was sometimes no wonder that some vampires hunted them; it had crossed my mind on several occasions. It would just be so easy to sneak up behind some unsuspecting human and quicker than blinking. Bite. But then I would think about my family …. My human family and my hatred of the bad vampires flared up inside me and I hated myself for even contemplating the darker side.

I punched the bag with all of my might and it hurtled backwards and hit the wall before swinging back towards me. I punched it again and again, my rage slipping away with every punch. Humans, they never saw the good in people, they don’t get that every good vampire in the resistance didn’t choose to be what they were, it wasn’t a conscience decision, it was forced upon them without their consent and really they just want the same as the humans.

After one particularly ferocious punch I fell backwards into a beanbag I had snatched from a deserted living room from a dilapidated abandoned house and started breathing deeply, ever since I joined the resistance I had become so angry at the world, angry at everything, I hated this. I used to be a carefree spirit that would go wherever the wind would take me, but now my persona was cold. My barriers so high that it looked like I was incapable of emotion despite the fact that inside I was crying.

After a while of sitting in absolute silence, I leapt up and began throwing punch after punch at the bag, my face contorted with anger however I found no solace in this no matter how hard I tried so I stopped. Instead I jumped up onto the top of a bookshelf and from there jumped into the top most rafters of the ceiling. From here I could see everything and everyone; I crept along a wooden beam to an area which had been fitted with lights as it was the main area where the members of the resistance congregated. Not many people were there at the moment, just a couple of good vampires sitting in semi silence, some slurping noisily on blood bags whist others were just sitting in chairs clutching an empty blood bag in their hands and longing for another.

The human leader Sophia entered the base after her night out and for several moments stood crossed armed in the centre of the room, not doing or saying anything. I took full advantage of these minutes to stare at her unblinking from the top of the beam, staring daggers into her back and then pulling myself out of view whenever she looked up. I enjoyed making her more paranoid than she already was. It was fun. After looking up six times at the beams (a new record as she normally only looked up once or twice) she shook her head and walked swiftly away.

I shuffled on my belly until I reached an area of the roof which curved down and the beams formed a platform which rendered me out of sight to anyone down below, however that didn’t stop them hearing things. The new vamp Antonius must have heard movement and leapt up onto a bookcase and then onto the beam. He then shuffled on his stomach, as I had done towards the part of roof I was now sitting.

“What are you doing?” he asked, his eyes staring into mine, curiosity etched on his face.

“Keeping out of sight, obviously not working”

“Know how you feel” he said squatting down in front of me.

“I like to come up here, none of the other vamps dare to. They are like cattle, doing what they are told when they are told and not questioning anything. It infuriates me. I come up here and into the darkest corners of the base so that I can be myself. Also I like to make Sophia paranoid by staring at her then moving out of sight …. It drives her mad!” I said.

“You are so right and what you said before becomes more prominent in my mind now.”

“What would that be?”

“That we are terribly alike Susanne, I mean, we even think the same way!”

The End

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