Drake: Going OutMature

I got tired of laying around by the next day and the hospital had called me to say that my sister was fine. I had become such an often visitor they had even begun to think about my own health calling me up on certain days so I stayed home and rest. I would hardly call the resistance home even though it was the only place I knew to be like a home.

Getting up I headed to leave. "Where are you going?" A voice said as I reached the stairs heading up out of the basement. I turned to find Sophia cleaning her blade and watching me from her perch atop a half sized bookcase.


"Where?" She quickly replied. I felt my hands want to curl in to fists. Sophia watched me like a hawk these days. She had her reasons, good reasons, but it made me feel like she didn't trust me anymore.

"Aren't I allowed to go out?"

Sophia shrugged. "You are but when it's half eleven at night don't expect me to not ask questions"

"I'm going down to the pub"

Sophia sighed. "Andrew! Daisy! Carter" she called over to a group of humans. They slowly began to move over as she jumped off the bookcase.

"What are you doing?" I said as she came over to me.

Sophia rolled her eyes with a sigh as she slid her blade into its sheath on her leg then tugged her trouser leg back down over it. "What does it look like I'm doing? I'm coming with you"

I scowled but knew arguing back was pointless. She was only doing this cause these days she didn't know whether to trust me or be worried so instead she kept a close eye on everything I did.

"Fine" I said reluctantly waiting the other three people to join us. We started to move out but it seemed like Daisy forgot something cause she came to a sudden stop.

"I forgot my blades. One sec" she said and rushed off. I groaned in annoyance not bothering to hide it. What had started off as me simply going down to the pub had turned into a social event and both Sophia and Andrew knew that I preferred to be alone. Apparently your sister going into hospital meant you had to be watched like a hawk.  

All I really needed was to hunt and for things about my sister to be left at bay. Sophia shot me a warning look while I leant against the doorframe impatient.

Daisy came running back and finally we headed out. I drew in a deep breath the moment we got outside. The cold air calmed me a little but it didn't stop me from remembering to be on my toes. Vampires were everywhere now. They'd taken over like a plague. "Where are we going then?" Carter asked with an arrogance to his walk. "The local pub or one of the bars where we can party?"

"We're just out for a few drinks, Carter. Nothing more" Sophia said sternly. I watched her, my leader, the way she held herself that was quite similar to my own. Closed. We were both quite closed off but honestly Sophia did care. She cared very much for the resistance and strived to keep us in a good state. Not just of body but also mind.We use to be childhood friends but I had moved away deeper into the city and it was a good few years till I saw her again when I joined the resistance. She wasn't the leader then. No she'd been second in command like I was now but like all leaders..... They got very special attention from the very top of the fang-chain. It was well known if you led the resistance you had a small life expectancy.

An arm nudged me and I looked up to find Andrew frowning at me. "What's got you so in thought?"

"Nothing" I dismissed turning my gaze away from him. He sighed and walked a little faster so he reached the others and spoke with them. Sophia glanced back checking I was still with them. I waved and she watched me a few moments longer before turning to answer something Carter had said.

I stopped and slid away into the alley. Of course I didn't stop moving. If I did the moment Sophia noticed I was gone she would easily find me so I kept walking through various alleys and down back roads. I finally stopped slumping onto a couple of steps that led up to the back door of a building. My face fell into my hands and I'd finally found the silence I had need.

I leant back and looked up at the sky. There wasn't a God. I mean how could there be with monsters so vile and innocent people getting hurt while others survived. If there was a God the He wouldn't allow this.... Would He? I hit the concrete frustrated and put my face back in my hands. Then suddenly I heard footsteps. It was probably Sophia coming to find me so I didn't move. 

"I want to be left alone" I said as the footsteps got closer but I got no reply so I looked up which is when the person grabbed me. I saw the fangs first before the vampire moved and bit hard into my shoulder. I cried out bringing my knee up into the monsters stomach. It stumbled back letting me go and I drew my knife from its sheath at my hip. I held it in front me protectively. I made sure to keep myself facing the creature as it started to slowly stalk around me. All I could focus on was its fangs dripping with my blood and how it's mouth was curled in this sick smile.

I couldn't hold back my disgust from my face which seemed to anger the thing which howled out and leaped. I brought my knife up slashing my stomach and using my body weight and the force of its pounce to throw it away from me. It tumbled across the ground and I took my chance going after it. I put myself over it and cut my knife across its throat.A very cold silence settled only disturbed by my harsh bleeding at the red cleared from my eyes. As it did I was allowed to focus on the monster.

It was a girl..... She looked barely fifteen. No, it! It barely looked fifteen. My mind though was not excepting that though. What it saw was a fifteen year old girl soaking slowly in her own blood. I shouldn't hesitate. I should be burning her.... But I couldn't which is why relief flooded through me when I heard running feet and looked up to see Sophia swing round the corner into the alley.

"Shit!" She said storming over and I quickly stood up. "See! See! This is why I told you to not go off alone! You could have been killed!"

"But I wasn't" I said gripping my blade tighter. Andrew arrived and rushed over to hold Sophia back. 

"You fricken got bit though! Carter! Daisy!" She yelled to the final two people who just arrived. "Take Drake back and fix his wounds"

"I'm fine, Sophia" I snapped. "I don't want your help!"

"No! You just want to end up in a bloody coma like your sister!" She yelled then froze when she realised what had fallen from her lips. Everything seemed to have gone silent. I felt a cold fury build up in my veins as my hand curled tighter around my blade and I grit my teeth so tight it hurt. Turning on my heels I started to run. "Drake!"

"Leave him!" I heard Andrew say and I was glad he did. I didn't want any of them coming after me. I didn't need anyone.....I kept running for hours. Even when I reached the edge of town I didn't stop. The blood loss finally caused me the black out on a road....

In the middle of nowhere. 

The End

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