I was bored.

Which was bad, not because I was bored, but because when I am bored, I think. 

And when I think, I get sad, and when I'm tired of being sad I get angry.

And when I'm angry, things don't always end so well, for anyone.

Slinking back away into a corner, stepping over the cluttered mess of books, boxes and old dusted over weapons, I made special care to ignore the stares of Humans and Vampires alike. Squatting down, almost as if I were trying to make myself disappear into the shadows, I lifted my left hand slowly, quietly inspecting it as I had so many times before. 

Smooth long pale fingers, all scars and blemishes faded beyond sight. I followed the line of my finger down to the second knuckle, where it disappeared beneath open cut finger of a black cotton glove. I knew it was there, but I ignored it for awhile, faking surprise when it did come to my attention. The small bulge under the glove, circling around the finger adding a noticeable rise and drop. 

Reaching out with my other hand, I laid my fingers down on the cool, covered silver, resting it for a moment, enjoying the solidity of the ring and the wave of memories it brought. Closing my eyes, colored flashes of memory flitted beneath my eye lids. Images of her, young dancing on the beaches of Florida, of our months spent in our cottage in the alps, of our home in Florence. Images of her middle aged, her dark brown hair beginning to show  grey at the tips, cleaning and dusting around our home. Images of her old and white, laying softly in our bed as I tended to her.

And these images made me smile, It had taken me the better part of ten years, but I had come to terms with her death, and despite the pain, the memories of her were still so worth it. Opening my eyes and zoning back into the present, I quietly began to ponder my situation, absently twisting my ring around my finger. These vampires confused me, if they really wanted to stand any hope against the Vampire Lords they should know that aged, cold blood wouldn't suffice. It would be like the humans eating nothing but lettuce, and then wrestling with men who dined on stake every night. It was illogical.

Not to mention, humiliating. I'd heard that the resistance was Humans and Vampires fighting together, not Humans using us as their dogs. Apparently, I was wrong. And the way they-

"Antonius! What is that?" Sophia called from across the room, shattering my train of thought.

"What is what?" I called back, dropping my hands away from each other, and standing up.

"Don't try me, Leech. What was in your hand?"

I showed her my open palmed, gloved hands. I saw her eyes narrow from across the basement, as if I were standing toe-to-toe with her.

"Come here." She snarled.

Knowing full well it would annoy her, I bent my legs and leapt up over the boxes, clutching my hands onto a rafter and in one smooth swing, tossed myself over, landing directly before her.

Briefly looking around, all eyes were on me again, and none of them seemed amused. "Tough crowd." I muttered under my breath, and Sophia's eyes narrowed even more.

"Give me your hands." She said.

Gingerly extending my right hand out toward her, she gripped my wrist and tore off my glove, tossing it to the wet dirty ground.

"Other one." She said, systematically. 

I hesitated, only for a second, but she noticed.

"Give it to me, Leech."

Resisting the urge to hiss at her, I slowly and tenderly brought my hands together and slipped off my ring, bringing it into the light for the first time since arriving here. It's polished sliver gleamed in the dim light, the interwoven vines casting out slight glints in every direction.

"What is it?" She scowled, obviously suspicious.

"It's my wedding ring." I said quietly, under my breath to her.

Her eyes lit up for a moment, so I know she heard me, but still she looked me in the eye and said, in a loud obtrusive voice, "Sorry, Didn't quite catch that."

"It's my ring." I said, louder, so everyone in the room could hear.

"What kind of ring, Antonius?" She seemed to enjoy this, thinking she was putting me in my place.

I returned her scowl this time. "It's my personal ring." 

She unsheathed her dagger, "What kind of ring, Antonius." she repeated.

"It's my wedding ring, Sophia." I hissed at her, menace dripping from each syllable, silently screaming I could rip out your heart and shove it down your throat before you could even scream. 

I saw her flinch, barely perceivable, but a flinch nonetheless. 

"Where is she?" Sophia replied coldly, smoothly covering her flinch.

"About three blocks from here, in the Graveyard-"

"The Graveyard, how fitting for a leech."

"-and six foot under." I finished, heedless of her interruption. 

A silence settled, before I continued. "Her name was Meredith, she was born in the May, of Eighteen Seventy-Six, she died in June, Nineteen Fifty-One, at the grand old age of Seventy-Five."

Sophia looked stunned, so I continued my point just a fraction more. "We're human, too Sophia. I was born in Rome, One Sixteen BC, I had a mother, a father, two sisters and a brother, and I didn't ask for this. I didn't ask to become a vampire, I was captured, and chained down, and this was done to me. And I think you'll find, that's the case with most people here. And now Sophia, you've given every single one of them a way to attack me. Thanks"

Before she could respond, I snatched my ring from her hand with speed that I surprised myself with, before slowly sliding the ring back down my finger, and under the cover of my one remaining glove.

"We choose to help you." I hissed at her, cutting off the words forming in her mouth. "And you treat us like dogs." I stepped back, and retreated again into the shadows of the back room.


The End

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