Susanne: OutsidersMature

Whilst the main group of humans were out of a hunt I took the chance to get to know the new good vamp on the scene. He was busy perusing a wide selection of books in a secluded corner quite alone. All the others seemed too scared to go anywhere near him, even some of the other vampires seemed to get a bad vibe from him and kept their distance. Despite my initial bad vibe, from the way he was acting he seemed pretty harmless so I walked up to him, my blade still in my hand so that I could attack if need be. I cleared my throat and only then did he look up from his book into my eyes.

“Its you again…. What?” he asked in a neutral voice, I squatted down in front of him drinking in his appearance as if by doing so I could gain a better understanding of whether his intentions of helping were indeed pure. He had long messy dark hair and a slim figure however is eyes were old eyes, eyes that had seen pain, suffering and the same kind of persona I emanated from myself. Closed off that is.

“You know,” I began, sitting down “… you and me are very alike”

“In what way?” he asked sceptically, he obviously thought I was like the rest of them in this place,

“Outsiders” I said simply, “like we don’t fit into place anywhere, not even here, even when this is the resistance against bad vampires.”

“You don’t know anything about me, you may be my kind but I don’t trust any of my kind.”

I laughed softly, “You see, nor do I. I’m better off alone and I am guessing you feel the same way about yourself?” I questioned, getting slowly to my feet, still twisting and turning my blade around my fingers.

“Sure whatever…” he said a mixture of confusion and slight annoyance and something I couldn’t quite comprehend plastered all over his face as he went back to his book.

I walked away from the new guy, engrossed in my own thoughts that I knocked headlong into a random human male who was walking by.

“Watch It Vampire!” He snapped glaring daggers at me and her knife drawn, I stared him down, my blade in my hand.

“Whatever” I muttered, breaking my eye contact with him and deciding that causing friction was not going to get me anywhere, I lowered my blade and made to leave muttering as I did so, “Humans, seriously need to work on their trust issues.”

“What was that, Susanne?” He said, grabbing my arm and pressing a blade to my throat in what he thought was a threatening manner, even though he knew I was not scared of him and had no quarrels fighting back if needs be.

“I don’t trust vampires, as far as I can throw them” said the man

“Have you ever tried to throw a vampire?” I muttered back jokingly but he remained serious.

“Don’t push it vampire”

“Or what!” I said pulling myself back up to my fullest height and raising up my blade to show I wasn’t one that could be pushed around, "Or what? You gonna pull off my head... I'd like to see you try." the human seemed to see some sense and back down.

I turned and walked away muttering under my breath as I went, “humans needed to realise that we were on their side and were not scum and to put some trust in us” I growled but I knew I was wasting my breath.

The End

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