Drake: Introducing AndrewMature

I winced against the anaesthetic Andrew dabbed onto the skin under my eyebrow. "You should be more careful" he grumbled turning away to grab a bandage which wasn't for my eyebrow but my sprained ankle.

"You can't really come back without a few scrapes and bruises when hunting vampires" I grumbled. Andrew sighed and rolled up my trouser leg. His fingers brushed my skin and I closed my eyes focusing on his gentle touch as he wrapped the bandage round my ankle. He finished but his fingers didn't leave my skin. They started to trail further up. "No" I suddenly said yanking myself away. The movement of my ankle sent a rocketing pain up my leg. Andrew met my gaze and sighed.

He got up and wandered off to clean his hands. "Why won't you let me get close again, Drake? I knew I screwed up but that night-" 

"No one can find out about it" I snapped getting to my feet. I accidentally bit my tongue when the pain shot up from my ankle. Andrew noticed and watched me concerned. I was about to speak again when a vampire came into the room carrying a box of supplies.

"I got the things you wanted, Andy. Where shall I put them?" He asked in this exaggerated sweet voice. Wait 'Andy'? Didn't he know he hated people calling him that since... Well, not many people but me knew the real reason.

"Over there" Andrew mutters waving towards another pile of boxes. The vampire put the box with the other boxes which meant he had to come over to me. I tensed when he came over my hands curling into fists. The cold demeanour of my hunting self tried to reveal itself. It was instinct to me to kill a vampire that close to me. The guy saw and scurried out. 

"Who was that fang?"

"Max. He's been helping me out" Andrew said looking over at me studyingly.

"More looks like he wants to get in your pants and at your neck" I stated bluntly looking over to the door feeling too uncomfortable to actually look at Andrew.

"And that would concern you how?"

"I don't want you becoming a fang banger"Andrew sighed pushing a hand back through his hair which drew my eyes to the dark auburn strands.

"Some are nice people, Drake."

"They aren't people" I stated and then walked out. I passed a few people on my way to my room which was basically a tent set up in a corner away from everyone else. I slid in and lay back on my sleeping bag. 

Things were awkward between me and Andrew. I'd always knew I'd swung both ways and Andrew swung one. He liked guys and was very out about it. So when I had got drunk out of my mind the night after my sister went into a coma and he was there..... Well, we'd found a hotel and didn't leave till two days later.

It may or may not have been the biggest mistake of my life. I didn't know what to think and for the six months my sister had been out we hadn't spoken about it but Andrew did try.... A lot.

I sighed and rolled over onto my stomach closing my eyes and going to sleep.

The End

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