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We had to wait for the return of Drake - my second in command - but as soon as he appeared - haggard as usual - we set off in our small group. The new blood sucker was on probation and had to stay behind. I left him with Susanne and the rest of the scavenger group from this morning. Our vampires were Jared, a tall, muscly vampire with dark hair and blue eyes who was the first vampires I had allowed in to our group. He'd been part of the resistance for half a year now - the resistance had been going for three. It had taken me a long time to allow anyone near us who had fangs. Our second vampire was Callie, a blonde vampire with brown eyes and about half my height. She was just sixteen when she was turned, over four centuries ago. She was one of the eldest vampires I had ever met, and they were all pretty old. It just made them that much more unnatural.

"What's the plan?" Drake muttered and I saw Jared and Callie shift as they walked, their ears intent.

"The tunnels. We'll head up in to the city from there and hit the nest."

"Which nest?" Drake replied. His seemed different since his sister. I understood, but it might put us in danger. It was starting to worry me.

"Are you with us?"

"I'm fine."

"If you're distracted I don't want you being part of it Drake. You'll get us all in the shit."

"I'm with it." He replied, his tone calm and controlled. I was concerned that one day his control was going to break.

"Fine. We're hitting the Cadver nest. Callie tells me they're small, only three, and they won't be expecting a night attack because they're so used to us attacking in the day."

"It's a risk. We won't be able to see."

"Sure, except we brought the flares. We'll throw them in ahead of us."

"Alright. Ladies first." He said as he opened the hatch that lead to the maze of tunnels underneath the city. I pulled a face at him and turned to the group.

"As soon as we hit air we throw the flares in a fan, then Jared and Cassie will head out and hit them hard. We'll follow and take care of the rest. Don't throw your blades around I don't want any casualties except for the bloods. In and out as fast as. Last one in the tunnel lights the place up like a christmas tree, you got it?" Everyone nodded. "Alright, let's get these sons of bitches."

I turned and dropped in to the tunnel, catching the bar and swinging myself down. The group all dropped one by one in silence, the two vamps last. I eyed them and then turned to lead the way through the dank tunnels.

We reached the 'X' on the wall - the marker I had gotten Jared to make earlier so that everyone knew where to stop. I signalled the halt and silently passed the flares out. When the four had them we opened the grill and climbed through. Just as silently I gestured for the group to stay next to the railings as we slunk along the grass.

We burst in and the flares flew out. I felt the breeze as Jared and Cassie flew forward and the hissing and screeches that followed.

"Go!" I yelled and we spread out, weapons at the ready. A vampire jumped out of the smoke and Drake tackled it. They went down, each fighting for the upper hand and two of the others jumped on them to help. I stepped carefully in to the room, axe up, watching for any movement. Something flew at me from the left and we tumbled to the floor. I rolled over, on top, ready to chop the sucker's  head off but it was Jared, staring at me like he expected me to do it. In any other situation I might have been tempted. I lowered my axe and he relaxed, then stiffened and opened his mouth but I had already been yanked from him backwards in to the arms of a vamp. It was crushing me and I felt it's teeth brush my neck. I stamped hard on it's foot and slammed my head backwards. It's arms loosened and I sung round, taking it's head off with my axe. It rolled away in to the smoke, and I kicked the body. Bloodsucker.

Pretty soon all the vamps were dead and scattered. I rubbed my ribs and winced as the group filed out, hurrying along the grass to the hole. The last one to leave I lit one of the bodies alight as well as the curtains before I left and hurried to rejoin the group. I was almost at the hole when something hit me and I fell to the floor. It was on top of me and I stared up at the teeth that had appeared from it's gums.

"I will suck you dry human." It snarled and leaned in, pinning my arms to the floor as it went for the neck. Suddenly it's weight was lifted and I watched Jared fling it to the floor and leaping on it, snarling. It's head was ripped from it's body and rolled away. Jared turned, his fangs disappearing back in to his gums and held out his hand. He pulled me up and I nodded in thanks. It was the only thing I could do. I was not saying it for all the dead fangers in the world. He nodded back and took the lighter from me, setting the corpse on fire and then following me to the hole. We dropped down in to the darkness once more and said nothing about it.

Our return was a successful one. No casualties and only two injuries, neither serious. Three if you counted my ribs but I didn't. Nothing broken, nothing bleeding. That was fine in my book.

The End

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