Susanne: Bad VibesMature

Just because I drink blood doesn’t make me evil, I may be a vampire but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want a quiet and somewhat peaceful life. That is part of the reason I joined the resistance, to annihilate the scum vampires who live only to cause disruption and pain to those all around them. The other part to why I joined up links to what being alone in this bitch of a world had taught me, and that it to never let anyone in. I had joined the resistance because I had made the mistake of letting someone in and it got my family slaughtered. 

Despite them not being blood relatives of mine the group of humans I had grown to love as my family had taken me in before the resistance started. Everyone I had known had been slaughtered and I was afraid of being next and so I had ran and ran until I could do so no more, and in hindsight I know I was a coward for running instead of fighting but I knew they were after me. I needed to get into hiding so that I would be safe and this family found me when I was most vulnerable, (vampires can be vulnerable too) and took me into their home to keep me safe. I explained to them what I was and although being shocked at first, when they realised that I was no harm to them they agreed to give me shelter. I was safe with this family for several years, their house hidden in the depths of the countryside where no-one would think I'd go and my affection for this family grew until I met Francis.

 Francis made me believe that I was not the only good vampire left; I put my trust in him to help me to find an army of good vampires, enough to destroy the dark and bring back the light, however his whole persona was just a façade. As soon as I let him in to my life he changed and committed the most unforgivable crime of revealing that he preferred the taste of warm human blood, straight from the neck. This meant that he had a dark heart and was one of them. This was proven when he took the lives of the people I had grown to love by sucking them dry and forcing me to run.  It was then that a human called Lois found me, broken and even more vulnerable than before, at the point of giving up on anything good. She gave me hope when she introduced me to The Resistance and introduced me to Sophia who didn't trust vamps at all until they appeared to show their worth. Lois showed me that I wasn’t alone and I vowed that I would kill Francis for what he had done!


I flopped into a chair in a secluded and darkened corner of the base and pulled out my knife from inside my denim jacket pocket, the hilt had my name engraved in it with swirls intertwining in and out of the letters. I twirled the knife unconsciously around my fingers, thinking about things. The noises of the other people in the resistance talking to the new ‘recruit’ – whether his story for wanting to join was genuine or not I was still contemplating – seemed to muffle together as I thought about days lost and how every day now was always so uncertain and never risk free. I wasn’t sure whether I could trust the new guys’ story, it seemed hollow but I couldn’t be sure. I could tell why Sophia had been angry but since he had helped we couldn’t just leave him, we would have to bring him back. That’s why she had gotten someone else to hold him, she had been annoyed that we’d bought someone who we didn’t know if we could trust into the base and I knew that she wanted someone who she could be sure hadn’t had poison dripped into their ear before she’d had the chance to interrogate him first.

It appeared that she’d put him on probation and he had now skulked off to read the books, I don’t know why but I got a bad vibe from him and hence why I kept myself to myself. I couldn’t let my guard down again.

The End

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