Drake: The Horror Of My LifeMature

Beep. Beep. Beep.

It was all I could hear as I reached across the bed to pass my fingers over the seriously pale skin of my sister cheek. I had started coming here a lot more these days. It was almost her birthday and she was meant to be turning sixteen. I had promised her only six months ago that for her sixteenth birthday I'd quit the resistance.

For her I would do anything. Then it had happened. I'd got the call even though Andrew had been watching her he hadn't been able to stop the attack. She had got herself a fake ID and had snuck herself into The Underground. It was a well known club to the resistance full of fang bangers and freaks that thought that by feeding the weirdos they were going to 'change' them.

There was no changing them. They had no heart. Not even the ones that fought for the cause. Even they were just animals. We'd all become animals in our struggle for survival. The door to my sisters room opened and I looked up from under my hood. "He is here again. What would you like me to do?" The nurse asked in a strained tone.

I knew instantly who she was referring to and it made me tighten my grip on my sisters hand while I drew my other back from her cheek as it turned into a fist. "I don't want him anywhere near her"

"But, sir-"

"As her guardian I don't allow his access to see her!" My loud voice drew the attention of the people outside. The nurse lowered her head in a nod and quickly left. I had risen out of my seat in anger and now forced myself to sit back down. I buried my face in my hands. His persistence to see her was draining on me but I couldn't allow him anywhere near her. Not when she was so vulnerable and weak. We may share the same blood but we weren't family.

No he'd broken ties from everyone long long ago when he had chosen to become a vampire. Chosen to flee his pregnant wife to be with his vampire mistress.

My phone started to buzz in my pocket and I left it till the ringing stopped. Whoever it was though rang again so I yanked the phone out of my pocket answering in annoyance. "Hello?" I snapped down the phone.

"Some one is grumpy" Sophia commented.

"Having a vampire relative coming after your sick sister can do that to a man"

"That's not important. We have a hunt. Be back within the hour"

The line went dead and I put the phone back in my pocket rising from my seat. I hesitated as I looked down at Mary, my little sister, as she lay there so still and silent. I shook my head and walked out. I may have promised her to quit but that was before some stupid vamp had attacked her. Had ripped out her neck and flung her body around like she was some sort of chew toy for the pathetic dog.

He was dead. Andrew had sliced his head off the moment he could get close enough and then had ran Mary as fast as he could to a hospital. I hadn't known about any of this till Andrew had the chance to call me with my little sister in surgery.

She barely had any blood left and the wound at her neck was a gaping hole that has cut out most of her vocal cords. I wasn't expecting to ever hear her sing again when she woke and for that they all had to pay. All the sick twisted fucks had to pay. I reached the end of the corridor and didn't bother waiting for the lift instead taking the stairs.

"Hello, Drake" whispered a very familiar and cold voice. I span round dagger drawn instantly to face my 'relative'. Not that I considered him that not with the blood red eyes and sharp fangs that were a little stained with blood. "Come to see Mary again? I do wish you would let me see her"

"Over my dead body" I hissed.

"Easily arranged" he smiled and suddenly I was flying back slamming into a wall that sent a shock of pain down my back. My vision blurred but cleared enough just to inform me he was coming at me. I rolled dodging his attack by a mere hair. He laughed out loud as I scrambled to my feet and grabbed my neck suddenly slamming me into a wall. He tutted in disappointment. "Oh Drake, you never learn"

He let out a sigh and turned his eyes on me. They travelled over my face and to my neck. I quickly brought my knee up hard and he dropped me allowing me to duck past him to grab my dagger. I span round to stab him but he was gone.

Always. I always lost or he fled before I had chance to succeed in ridding the slime ball from the earth. Gritting my teeth I shook my head and started down the steps once again.

At least I'd be killing some today.

The End

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