Sophia: When the War BeganMature

When anyone could be a vampire, you have to fight just to survive.

When the war began I was very young. I remember the panic, I remember the fire. I remember the blood.

Everything we knew had changed - everything was different. Suddenly your friend, next door neighbour, postman, mayor - they were all the enemy. Everyone was dangerous and you couldn't trust them, not any of them. I learnt that when my best friend tortured and slaughtered my sister in front of me. And I couldn't do a thing to stop her.


"We've got another one!"

I grabbed my knife and sprinted to the lift that was our primary entrance to the basement of the library that formed our base. For this week at least. Other people were headed in the same direction and I shuddered and glared as a vampire sped past me. Leech. A crowd was gathering and I saw our scavenge team was surrounded a figure whose head was covered in a bag. Another blood sucker.

"Move." I barked at the people in my way. They parted hurriedly and I marched up to the group, gripping my knife as tightly as possible. "I thought we agreed no more for a while? Not until we move again?" I glared at the leader, Susanne Bloomwood. She glared right back  for a moment, and then looked rolled her eyes.

"Look we were getting attacked and he came and helped. We were willing to let him leave but he said he wanted to help destroy 'those up themselves sons of bitches'. I don't think he's one of them."

"Yeah? Well next time at least send us some warning." I reprimanded her and then turned to one of our vamps, Jared. "You. Hold him." He complied and took a hold of the new vamp to secure him so I could pull the bag roughly from his head.

Dark eyes stared at me. The vamp was thin, with dark hair and a smirk on his lips that made me want to burn it off already.

"Name?" I asked, staring at him, waiting for any sign that he would attack.

"Antonius Veroni."

"Why'd you help?"

"Straight to the point huh? Fiesty."

My knife was at his throat before he could get another word out.

"I question, you answer leech." The vamps from our team shifted. They didn't like it when I called them that. But then, I didn't like them much.

"Very well. Why did I help? Because one of those vampires is the personal torturer for an old acquaintance of mine. I fancied killing him. It just so happens that helped you little friends here."

"How many did you kill?"

"Three. But not him. Not yet."

"You know who we are?"

"The-" He chuckled "-Resistance?"

"Right. So, you want to help?"

"I want to kill the ones at the top."

"Do you drink humans?"

"As much as any of these others."

"They survive on blood bags."

"Well then, I guess I should start having packaged meals then." His smirk had remained on his face throughout the entire interrogation and it was annoying me. Which was bad, because it meant he had gotten under my skin.

"You are not allowed to drink humans if you are part of us. It is our one condition."

"Not  even if they're already dead?"

"Not even."

"What a waste."

"Don't test me vamp." I growled, my knife digging in to the skin of his neck.

"Yes ma'am."

"Do you agree to this?"


"You're on probation. I see one foot out of line-"

"-and heads will roll?" He grinned.

"And I'll burn you alive."

"I think mine was funnier."

"I don't do jokes about vampires. Watch him." I ordered Jared before I turned away and marched through the crowd. Vamps. They give me the creeps.

I returned to the shelf I had been leaning against and climbed up it, perching on the top to watch as the vamps all welcomed the new leech.

The End

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