To A Hero On Strike

What on earth am I going to do with you Gwythryn? If I had to sum you up in one word, it would be "problematic." It was either that or "temperamental." Okay, so you do have some ground for your arguements. I do drag you through a lot of mud. I do put you through unecessary pain. I do put you in very uncomfortable situations and give you major complexes about it afterwards. I'm not very nice to you am I?

But come on, you're the hero of this wretched story! You're supposed to face lots of trials and difficulties, and you're supposed to put on a brave face and pull through. Heroes are brave, strong and never give up. They don't sit in the corner and sulk just because someone whipped their butts at sword fighting or because the weather is making their hair curl.

And they most certainly do not go on strike.

Who told you about going on strike? I know you didn't work it out yourself (probably because there's no such thing as "striking" in your time period), so who filled you in? And why are you so goddam stubborn!?!? No matter how much I beg or bribe or blackmail you, you blatantly refuse to comply with me! What do you have against the continuation of the story? You were fine all through the first book, why strike a few chapters into the second? And you don't even have an excuse this time, I've pulled you out of the nasty stuff for a bit. Why are you complaining now?

Is this about Kia? I've already explained that to you.
Or about being in exile maybe? Well how else did you expect me to get this wretched story going anywhere?

No, I don't think you're bothered by any of that. I think you just want to rub it in that you made me sign that contract saying I couldn't kill you off at the end of the story. Yes, I think that's it. For a hero, you're pretty damned evil, you know that?

Now, stop whining and get on with being a hero would you? Before I have to do something drastic...

The End

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