Why must my characters pick holes in my writing?

I'm staring blankly at the screen again. No ideas pop into my head, so I look at the keyboard instead. That doesn't help either.

For god's sake, you all need to sort yourselves out. Stupid characters.

"It's not our fault you're totally unimaginative."

Shut up! You're just all unhelpful.

"I can't exactly name myself."

Well nothing suits you! What do you expect me to do?! You're just so difficult! I'm supposed to be making this film in the holidays, and you still don't have names!!

"Pfft, why don't you just name us after your friends? We're practically based on them anyway."

Shut up! Shut up!

"I have a name!" A more cheerful voice calls out.

I know you do, Poppy. I'm fine with you and Lolita. You've done nothing wrong.

"You mean the stereotypically stupid character and the one you want to play that has a really vague personality?"

You again?!?! Go away! I want to talk to Lolli and Pop!

"That joke's not going to make the whole film good."

Be quiet, I didn't even plan that one to start with!

"So, got any ideas for the 'Leader' character?"


"Or maybe you'll finally give the main character a name and personality?"

Stop it!

"This whole thing is just like you've thrown a bunch of cliched characters together for the fun of it."

That's not-

"How about a real storyline?"

That's it! I'm sick of you! I'll kill you off!

"Wow, you really are stupid. I'm already dead, or did you forget the whole point of this film-type-thing? We're ghosts!"

I'll bring you back to life then kill you off.

"I'll still annoy you. I'm not real after all."

Th-that's it! I'm ending this piece of writing! HA!

"You started it in the first place."


The End

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