To A Not-So-Happy Elemental Halfling

Skyrah: Hmmph.

Me: ...What?

Skyrah: ...-.-' Those lot are right, you are blonde.

Me: SOMEONE'S in a bad mood.

Skyrah: I have the right to be.

Me: Ah..well...I guess you do...

Skyrah: You guess? YOU GUESS?!?! You are so asking for it...

Me: For what?"

Skyrah: Ugh...Alright. First of all, you get Sealantus in trouble, and I have to save his rear, and he and Flamara dissapear. Next, you give them hell in the Hideout. Then, you send Sealantus away. Then, you kill my sister, aunts, uncles, mother and father, leaving me to control the elements on my own, and to help Ara through his tears. THEN you trap my family's spirits in my head, so I hear everything they say and think. Then, on top of it all, you're...

Me: Yeees???


Me: Well that was a big spoiler. At least I'm bringing Flamara back.

Skyrah: You're evil...

Me: Yep, and then you're going to be trapped inside her head, and the others will be sent back to Elira.

Skyrah: You are evil.

Me: You're not going to die quite yet though. And at least you have Ara, and Raven and the others.

Skyrah: You. Are. EVIL.

Me: Am I really? :D

Skyrah: ...You better torture Aarn for this...

Me: Ahaha, I think he's dead somewhere...

Skyrah: Good.

Me: Oh, and by the way, your death's gonna be interesting. Mwa ha ha ha!!!!

Skyrah: -.-'' -.-'' YOU ARE EVIL!!!! *sighs*

Me: I know!!!!!! XD XD XD

Skyrah: Grrrr....


The End

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