I'm Not Even Sure What This is About

Me I need to post in-

Sara Voices?

Me Actually, no, that's not what I was going to say. You have a point though

Sara I know. I don't even like snowball fights and you've had me stuck in a two-hour long one for about a month

Me I know, I know. I just can't think of anything to write. What would you do if you were stuck in a world that's practically empty?

Sara Asks the person who came up with the idea and the characters, of one of the characters she created

Me Well I thought you might know since you're the one in the situation. If the world was practically empty for me, I'd be one of the people not in it.

Sara Well, why don't you ask Max? He's the one that came up with all the games in Memories

Me I can't ask him. I'm not in the same place as you. You're... somewhere I made up and I'm in my house

Sara Max!

Me I think it's a bit strange how you're the main character but you never seem to do anything interesting. It's always either Max, Abbie or... it was Ben

Max You wrote that we never talk about Ben unless it's absolutely necessary

Me No, I wrote that you look back on all the good times you had with him, not that you never talk about him

Sara Yeah, well, you also wrote that it upsets Abbie to talk about him. And besides, I am actually doing the most. I got ran over and now I'm i-

Max Don't reveal the plot! It's the only story she's ever had a plot for!

Abbie What made you think it upsets me to talk about him?

Sara Well, for a start you wont even say his name

Me Secondly, I wrote it so it must be true

Max And third, every conversation we have about him ends with you crying


Sara That's true. *Looks at my expression* What? You don't write about everything we do. We talk about Ben in the scenes you don't write about

Abbie Actually, we could have told her earlier. She'd have something to write about if we had

Me No kidding?

Max I think we should end this because it sounds like it's getting so close to Sara telling the plot...

Sara What? She'd have so much more to write about if we knew that-

Me, Abbie and Max SHHH!

The End

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