The biggest ego of the lot.

Look, Siegfried. I'm very sorry if you don't like my story for you (and I have to admit, you have a legitimate argument when you complain that I've changed both it and your name too many times), but now I actually HAVE a finished storyline for you, you're refusing to co-operate. I think your ego is too big. And there's no point in trying to get Adelie to gang up with you against me, because I know for a fact that she is perfectly happy to not only take on her role, but yours as well if you don't buck up your ideas, sonny boy.

I know we've had our disputes in the past (many, many disputes, I know) and mostly they were over whether you were the main character or not, but now I've finally decided that Adelie is the main character, you don't want to know. Well, I'm sorry to burst your bubble and all that, but you've been really getting on my nerves, and you just aren't up to the limelight! I know you think you're fantastic, but every time I cast you as the lead male, you make a mess of flirting with Adelie, which, quite frankly, ruins the whole plot. I'm sorry you've been demoted to 'minor role', but Richard is, to be honest, much much better than you. Plus he doesn't complain.

So take it or leave it. I'm through with you. You've driven me crazy every paragraph of the way, and I'm not going to stand for it anymore. Just be grateful I've even cast you as ANYTHING. I've a mind to cast you as a MUSHROOM, but knowing you, you'd mess that up too.

The End

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