Not who you're meant to be

OK then there are three of you in particular I really need to talk to. 

First off, Cassandra Morton.  You are such a wimp!  When you first appeared in my head you were a strong rebellious young woman who could stand up for yourself, now you're a quivering wreck, hiding from something you can't even see.  Get your backside into gear and save your mother like you should have done in the first place.  Sitting around and cowering in corners never got any heroine anywhere, you have to take a risk for it to be a good story.

Secondly, Demitri Erikson.  You are still gorgeous in my mind but that doesn't mean you can be so arrogant and schizophrenic.  Who says you always have the right answer?  Just because you've lived for thousands of years and are a beautiful specimen of a (sort of) human being doesn't mean you know everything.

And finally Kelly Archer.  The same to you.  You aren't who you started out as and seeing as I am in control, I want to know why you have changed.  My story, my characters, my decision.  I know Cassandra is going through a tough time at the moment and she is being a complete wet blanket about it, but that doesn't mean you can take over as my heroine.  You must know your place in this story.  You are the best friend.  Understood?  Good.

You know the only character in this story who has turned out how I wanted them to is my psycopathic baddie, Savannah.  Congratulations on being as completely nuts, scary and dangerous as you were to start with.  Thank you very much.

The End

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