When Split Personalities Clash...

This is the resulting argument between the two dominate Vocies in my head after I wrote Not a Person and freaked out on a few friends' profiles.  My appologies to Verse47 and C3Lady and the moderaters.

You just had to write that, didn't you, and annoy just about every author on Protagonize.  No wonder you got such a lousy rating.

It needed to be said.  It's not my falt people don't want to open their eyes to the reality of abbortion.

THAT WASN'T THE PROBLEM!  The problem is you commented on THREE author's pages begging them to tell you your work didn't deserve a mature tag YOU PUT THERE YOURSELF.

It was late.  I wasn't thinking straight.

Excuses, Excuses.  Why were you even online if it was so late?

Because!  That needed to be written!

Oh, please.  Like you couldn't have waited until the morning.  What happen to getting your sleeping habbits ready for high school?  I'm sick of sharing brain space with a whinny dramma queen like you!  I tell you and tell you what the right, rational thing to do is, and you ignore me.  Then you start whining about how cruddy everything turn out.  Why don't you shut up and listen to me for once!  BEFORE everything goes kuput...

The End

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