Oh my . . .


Why don't you want to go on any of the grand adventures I have planned out for you? I was going to take you across fantastic worlds that I created such as the Nexus and Mevoro. But, you didn't want to do anything. I gave you almost indestructible armor, the gift of the gods, elf ears, bows and arrows, and what do I get? "Pfft, screw this. I'm not doing it."

Hell, for a while I wanted you to be a slayer and take down the vicious beast known as Krinak. But you had to be reluctant. I even gave you an eight foot sword that you could hold. But no, you just wanted to sit on your butt and eat mutton. You have been for two months! I want to take you on an adventure, but you don't want to go.

And what is it with you and killing small animals? Is that what you really like, being an animal killer? STOP TORTURING FLUFFY! MY CAT'S DONE NOTHING TO YOU!

Take this into consideration. I want to take you across the land of Mevoro.

Your author,



(the darkness shall never be rejected)

The End

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