Losing It


The MOOR, centre, appears to have lost his wits.

Moor: Lie with her! Lie on her! We say lie on her, when they belie her. Lie with her! That's foul. Devil!

A man, WILL, enters.

Will: Moor. I was aroused from my sleep, by an anger creeping through the wall -

Moor: Confession! Handkercheif! Confess!

Will: You're going mad!

Moor: Do you mock me?

Will: By heaven, no.

Moor: I hold you the cause for my anger.

Will: Drop it, cuckold!

Moor: A horned man's a mon-

Will:                                      a monster and a beast. I wrote that! You can't guilt me. Nor can you blame me for your foolish wife!

Moor: It was not I who penned Iago's evil.

Will: Nor I!

An ENGLISH TEACHER pokes his head on stage.

English Teacher: Not least because you didn't write your own material -

Will: Yes, but not because of that. No, wait! I did write my own material, I did!

Teacher exits, laughing.


Moor: So who is to blame for the inhuman dog Iago?

Will: You write yourselves.

Moor: We write ourselves?

Will: I did not create evil! Nor did I create good. I may have created you, but I did not create anything new.

Moor: You could have prevented my actions! Poor Desdemona, you had her murdered!

Will: The gods had her murdered. The audience; they had her murdered. I did not.

Moor: So I am but a toy of the fates and a delight of the crowd?


Will: You would have existed without me.

Prince: But do we exist at all? To be or not to -

Will: Cease that incessent rubbish! It means nothing!

Prince: I am weighing up living in sorrow against death. Life, is not 'nothing'.

Will: You believe yourself to be the only person considering this choice? You question your own existance, and yet you consider yourself to be at liberty to end it?

Moor: Who is to say that we don't exist, then?

Will: Nobody! You exist. You don't exist. You're irrelevant, you don't matter.

Moor: And you say you did not create us?

Will: (losing control) Indeed; but I control you.

Prince: We are irrelevent puppets, controlled by a powerless puppeteer.

Moor: Agreed. I think the solution to your dilemma is 'not to be'.

Prince: I got there in the end, anyway.

The Moor and the Prince walk off.

Moor: So, do we exist?

Prince: I'm not sure. Do we only exist to him?

Moor: I believe we exist to many.

Prince: And yet we don't exist at all?

They exit.

Will: They believed themselves to be human. To physically exist - to be born and have a mother and a father; and the Moor fell in Love and the Prince knew Yorick. They don't exist, do they? They're merely players. All the world's a stage, am I merely a player? Oh, goats and monkeys...


Of course, they are not me and my characters. Massive points if you can guess all three...

The End

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