Moan, Moan, Moan!

The trees waved angrily above his head. Whispers whipped his ears, as he crept silently through the over-grown bushes. The moon shone a glaring light onto the clearing ahead, and he watched closely. 

He had heard rustling noises, while he had been camping a few metres away. At first he had took it for animals, but when I heard the voices he knew he wasn't alone. He had instantly got up from his sleeping place, and soundlessly moved towards the sound.

Looking now, he saw two people stood looking at the sky. They both wore long, dark cloaks, covering them from head to toe. He couldn't identify either of their genders, or see what they looked like. 

Resting his hand on his small dagger, he plucked up his courage to approach them-

Hold on a second.


You expect me to go over to them? There probably dangerous!

Is this for real? Your arguing with me? You don't want to go along with the story?

Well do you blame me? Your telling me I should 'pluck up my courage' and go and see who they are. They could be anyone. Tell me who they are and then I will consider it.

How about, you go over there, do as I say, and find out for yourself who they are.

What if I refuse?

Whose got the pen?

... No fair.


As he got closer, his foot fell on a fallen branch, causing the two strangers to look his way. He froze as he glimpsed there eyes. Women. They were definitely women. Shining blue eyes glared at him, from under the dark hoods, and his heart began to beat faster as they slowly turned and walked closer to him.

PLEASE let me run while I have the chance. There probably witches or something!

Shush, let me get on with it.


The taller of the women, slowly lifted her hands to her hood. She paused for a second as he flinched, but gently pulled her cloak from over her head. Golden hair fell from her head, down to the bottom of her back and she waved it gently. 

My, she's beautiful!

See, nothing to be scared about.

I said beautiful. She might still be dangerous. 



"Hello, young one." She said quietly. Her friend stepped forward, and lifted her hood to show the red hair that frames her face. They both smiled at him, and he felt himself relax.

So you say. I'm shaking here. 

Shut up will you, and let me get on with this story!



"I am Willow, and this is my sister, Aspen." The blonde woman breathed. Her voice gently caressed him, and he stepped closer. He couldn't help but stare at them. Their flawless, pale skin shone under the moonlight, and there light pale lips were pulled into warm smiles. 

"Who...Who are you?" He muttered, blushing. 

"We are the sisters of the forest." Aspen told him. 

Sisters of the forest? Who on earth are you making me talk to?

There going to be important in your future.

My future? Why can't you just make me settle down with a nice family? Your always making me meet this weird people.

Oh stop moaning, or a troll will come through soon.


"Don't be afraid." Willow whispered. "We are only here to enjoy the moonlight." 

At that, they both looked up and closed there eyes. They walked back into the clearing, and began to spin around, laughing. Slowly they began to hum a tune, and while they were dancing under the moon, he crept away. He felt a overwhelming sense of happiness, and as he fell asleep back at his camp, he dreamt of them dancing still under the moon.

The freaks you make me meet!

Oh wait, is that a troll?

Shush, I'm sleeping.....

I thought so.



The End

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