I'm her favorite!

Anna sat at her desk, twirling a pencil in mid-air.  Finally, the bell rang, ending the school day.  She met up with the rest of the club under the oak tree as she always did.

As she approached the group, she heard Joseph and Meredith bickering.  "Oh, come on," Meredith said, "all you can do is make stuff happen to computers.  I can read minds.  That's what almost everyone in her world wants.  If she didn't like me more, why would she give me the best power?"

"Who said she ever wanted to read minds anyway?" Joseph shot back. "She's into computers, so maybe she would rather have my power."

"Guys, what's going on?" Anna asked the two.

"Little dweeb here thinks that Abby likes him more than me," Meredith replied.

Anna snorted.  "Of course she likes him more.  I was more based on her than anyone else here, and I'm dating Joseph, so it only makes sense that he's more important to her."

"Thank you!" Joseph sighed.

Nita, the quietest of the group, cut in.  "What makes you think that either of you are her favorite?  She loves animals, and I talk to them, so who's to say she likes you any more than she likes me?"

"Hey, if we're debating this, I should be thrown in for consideration," Samantha interjected.  "After all, I'm the only character that's also an author, and I was based on her grandmother."

Suddenly, there was a shimmer to their left that they recognized as one of Samantha's portals.  "Oh, stop showing off," Kevin said.

"I'm not doing that!"

"That's because I am."  I stepped out of my portal into the Dimension of Quierra.  "Look, this argument was kind of entertaining at first, but it's getting real old, real fast."

My characters just stared as the portal closed behind me.

"Yes, I have Sam's power.  Now, you all need to stop arguing and do something constructive!  You may have superpowers, but you still have exams like everyone else!"

Sam seemed to be the most shocked.  "Does this mean I can talk to my characters without opening a portal?"

"Sure, why the hell not.  Now, listen!  All of you are based on a part of me.  There's the sarcasm in Meredith, the book smarts in Anna, the love of technology in Joseph, the pranks that Kevin pulls, the creativity of Sam, and the passion for animals in Nita.  None of you are my favorites.  Although, honestly, I've always wanted Anna's power."

"See?" Anna bragged.  "I'm the one that's based on her."

I sighed.  "Shut up!  Stop arguing, all of you, or I'll make the Hubble fall out of orbit and land here!"  I conjured another portal and stormed back into my own dimension.

The End

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