Be Careful What You Wish For

(Character is Maiya. Author is Me)

Me It had been a long day for me, and I just wanted to get some sleep. However, however... however... however... ARGH! Writers block! Sometimes I just wish the character would tell me what happened 

Maiya I would if I could

Me What do you mean 'I would if I could'?

Maiya Well, if you were writing in third person I'd be able to tell you what happened, but I can't coz you're writing in first person

Me Who cares? Writing in third person annoys me nearly as much as reading in it does. 

Maiya Still can't tell you

Me Aw! Come on! It's in past tense and everything!

Maiya Well you didn't have to make something happen. You could've just put something like 'It had been a long day for me and I was glad when I got some rest'

Me That would be boring. Besides, I haven't even written it yet. You can't know what happened

Maiya I do! The story is about me, of coarse I know what happened

Me Tell me then! Or... I'll put something that you wont like

Maiya Don't want to. Put what you want

Me However, though I was tired and my arms were covered in bruises from head to toe. Though every move I made caused my body to ache so much that I could barely walk-

Maiya Tired? Bruises? Aching? Could barely walk?

Me Uh huh

Maiya How?

Me Tired, you got up at three. Bruises, you got beaten up by the bullies at half nine. Aching, you had to do all the housework and school is three miles away from your house. Barely walk, you still have that gash from when you almost fell into the Glass Pit. Anyway... - , I only had three more hours to get the Time Ring to the Maker. If it wasn't in his hands by midnight, it would explode. And I would die

Maiya This is absurd! I'm thirteen years old! 

Me So am I

Maiya But you're not the one on a mission of doom! In one week you've had me getting up at Stupid O'clock every morning to avoid being either woken up by my dad slamming the door at five past or being murdered by the madman that comes at four! I've been beaten up by Natalie and Eden six times, almost fallen to my death twice, given the tube of death by some weirdo who I haven't seen since, fainted three times, drugged, kidnapped, I've been camping in some godforsaken desert, starved, dehydrated, and now I'm in the middle of the Evil land - which, might I add, you made up - with three hours to deliver the tube of death to some guy who I didn't even know existed until Tuesday before I get incinerated, and all so some guy called Gareth can travel through time and ruin everything like a fool! Oh yeah, and I've been told it'll save the world! It's not fair! I have to do all this while you're lounging on your sofa with your laptop resting on a cushion, drinking coffee! 

Me ...

Maiya And d'you know what happened? Do you really want to know? Well, here it is, from memory, in present tense. I only have two minutes left and the Workshop is just there. I think I can do this. Just a few more slow, painful, blood soaked steps. He's just there. I can make it. The world depends on me. One minute. One measly minute to save the life of everyone on the planet. I don't care how much I hurt any more. I don't care that I'm hungry and thirsty and need to sleep. Thirty seconds. I am only a few inches away. One more step. One more step. I hold out my hand to show the mark of the Timer. To show who I am. My palm comes into contact with something cold, wet and hard. Ice. Clear ice. I am not at the Workshop. I am at the Mansion. The home of Evil. I have been going the wrong way. Tears slide down my face as the realisation hits. He planned this. There is no Maker, no Workshop. It was all an evil plan to end the world, not to save it. The man who I believed to be the Maker smiles, and it is not friendly at all. He is Evil. I take my hand from the ice and reach into my pocket. I put the Time Ring on the floor. I close my eyes as the last second ticks by. And then, I die.

Me So close... and all in vain...

Maiya Yes. And d'you know who made it happen? You. You did. And it all happened because you created the story. See what you did? See? And you know that it's going going to happen. You have it in a separate Word document. You based the entire story around it. About my death. Anyway, you don't need me any more. Your writers black has gone. You wished for me to tell you what happened. I told you. Goodbye. I hope you're feeling guilty

Me I knew I couldn't make it. The Workshop was over a day away. The world would end. And it would be my fault. There was no point in walking any more. It was too dark to see where I was going anyway. I put down my bag and started to put up the tent. I wanted to die sleeping, that way I wouldn't feel the pain. I was about to light a fire when someone tapped me on the shoulder. 
"Hello" said the Maker "I believe you have been looking for me"

The End

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