I lifted my pen to paper.

  "WAIT!" came a howl. I jumped, turning in my chair.

   A host of characters stood there, I recognized them from my imagination land. Their cloths were tattered, stained with blood,  arms in slings.  It looks like they had stumbled out of a war. Well...I guess they had.

  Yet they held painted signs, their eyes hard with fury and determination.

  "Yes?" I said curiously, wondering if this was one of my strange dreams again.

  "We've had enough of you!" cried out one, stepping forward. I recognized him as one of my main characters in my most recent adventure-story, who's throat I was planning to slit on this final page. "You've made up this stupid war and threw us in it without any of our permission-!"

   "Permission?" I scowled, standing from my seat. "Permisson! I created you!"

   He appeared even more angry. I wished I hadn't made him so short-tempered and proud. He stepped closer to me, hissing in my face,  "You've dragged us through 200 pages of horror! You've made our lives a living nightmare! You have no right-!"

   "No right? No right!" I scoffed at his riduclousness, though inside I felt a slight pang of pity.

   He tossed down his sign in a great fit, snatching the pen from my hand and jotting something down messily on my paper. He straightened, mock-bowing his head after he snapped my pen in half. With a great huff of breath, he urged the others onto a blank page which began to color with a tropical paradise landscape, beach waves lapping on a white shore. They disappeared into the scene, leaving me shocked at my desk.

   Picking up the paper, I read his final notes,

   And they beat the bad guys, the war ended, the grand heros went to the beach, drank fancy cocktails and sunbathed for the rest of eternity.


   Sighing, I closed the notebook, setting in a pile with all my other unfinished stories. Well, I guess I had hit a writers block of sorts on this that I had never met before!





The End

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