Character Interference

"Okay, so you're a new story. So now that I have begun the chapter by giving the history of the world.  Now I'll start talking about you."

Virgil and Amethyst nod. I am just about to start typing when...

"Don't listen to her!"

I turn around. "William, your not even in this story!"

"True, but I know that your going to do something bad to them, like you do to all your characters!"

"I do not!"

Virgil turns to me. "Well, are you?"

I squirm in my seat.

Will give a bitter laugh. "She killed me. Now I'm a ghost. Maybe she'll kill you, too."

Amethyst looks horrified. "That's it!" She and Virgil get up. "We're on strike!"

"You can't be on strike! I've only written the first chapter."

"Good! The earlier the better." They march out of the room.

I turn to William. 

"Thanks a lot!"

"You' re welcome!"

The End

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