A Less-Than-Happy Half Wolf-Demon, Half Day-Angel Called Mira

Mira: ...

Mira: Oh come on, please talk to me. I've got writer's block.

Mira: Not my problem. I know what you're planning.

Mira: Look, you're the character, I'm the author, so suck up and deal with it!

Mira: No, I won't! I'm sick of all this! I know exactly what your planning to do eventually, and I don't like it.

Mira: You really don't get the whole context of me writing your story, do you?

Mira: Yes, but frankly, I don't care. All of us characters can walk around freely in your mind.

Mira: Yeah, you can in my mind, but just not when I put you down on paper.

Mira: I donn't see the point in my story.

Mira: It's just something I'm doing to keep myself entertained...Oops. Maybe those were the wrong words.

Mira: ENTERTAINED?! First, you slaughter my mother, father and baby sister, then you put me with a family who beat me for something I can't help, next you send me galovanting off on an adventure to save the brother of the one who you made rat on my parents, make it so my right eye goes blin, and I'm scarred for life, then you make me fight in a battle that I wouldn't even have to fight in if you had just made me stay at home in bed that day. And to top it all off, me and Aaron go through a whole process of falling in love, you get me shot by jealous Jess, before saving me again, and now you're wondering whether or not to kill Aaron off. It's not fair!

Mira: Well, have you seen what other authors do to their characters?

Mira: No, what?

Mira: I don't know either, but I've read enough books.

Mira: You're so horrible. :'(

Mira: Not really. I gave you Cris. Wasn't he a great substitute brother?

Mira: Yeah, but-

Mira: And what about all those good times you spent with Aaron, Astre, Aria, Kei and Hana?

Mira: They were great, but-

Mira: Exactly! They were great, you were happy, I'm a great author, end of argument.

Mira: But-

Mira: Zip.

Mira: ...

Mira: ...Sorry.

Mira: Whatever.

Mira: Am I forgiven?

Mira: ...As long as everyone's alive in your head, I'm fine.

Mira: Deal. Teehee, have fun with Gabriel, Lilith, Jess, Krow, and all those demons you killed!

Mira: O_O" Oh crap.

Mira: Heh heh heh, you asked for it >:D At least I named my Protagonize account after you! ^.^

Mira: Ugh...You sadistic little....

Mira: I know. Don't worry, you're existence is in my hands.

Mira: That's what I'm worried about...

The End

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