Of Angry Ghosts and Murderers

From the story "A Ghost of My Former Self"

I look at all of their faces. "Alright, I have assembled this meeting with the three of you so you can help me get over my writer's block." Suddenly a vase comes whizzing at my head and I have to duck.

"You killed me!"

"You can't have a ghost story without a ghost, Will!"

"And you killed Jerold too! How could you!"

"Don't blame me! Blame your dad! He's the one that had him killed!"

"Why couldn't you make him nice and normal?"

"Then you wouldn't become isolated from your old friends and learn to trust someone beside Sarah!"

Sarah clears her throat. "You haven't really given me any depth yet. I'm beginning to wonder whether I'll just be a pretty face."

"You won't. I promise."

"Can we get on with it? I'm not even in the story yet."

"Exactly! Elliot is not even in the story yet, so can we continue?"

"No! You won't even tell me who the murderer is!"

"Fine, I'll give you a clue."


"It will be unexpected."

"What kind of stupid clue is that!"

"Even I think that is not a good clue." Elliot says sheepishly.

I sigh. "It looks like well have to discuss this later."


I turn back to Sarah.

"Does he die?"

I think about it.

"No, he doesn't."

If you are confused you should probably read it. As for the person she's talking about, well, it's a secret for now.

The End

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