To an indecisive hero

To the hero,

Every name I’ve given you doesn’t seem to fit. Every name is thrown back in my face because you don’t want it. Why don’t you just tell me your name? It would make everything so much easier.

Why can’t you decide whether or not you want to have ginger hair or brown hair- blue eyes or brown- Whether you want to be thin and lanky or just plain slim?

You seem to flicker between sharp angular features and blunt sculpted ones. You don’t know if you want to be handsome or bland. You’re even indecisive as to whether you want to get the girl or not. At the moment you’re two different characters and I can’t seem to split you two apart. I know you’re best friends but please just separate and come to terms with who you are!

Another thing- your personality! Give up please! Settle on being sweet, charitable and kind or brutish and egotistical- you can’t be both.

I know your father isn’t really your father and you believe your mother to be dead. Well have I got news for you, your granddad lied. Your mother isn’t dead, he told you she was so you wouldn’t see her and remind her of her husband. I’m sorry but you’re the spit of your father and maybe it wasn’t just your looks you inherited.

I suppose the big question here is, are you going to man up and get on with the fate I want to lay out for you or are you going to shrivel up in the corner having only your split personality to talk to?

PS the girl who you could have had is pretty hot. Maybe that’ll make your mind up for you.


An author who is as indecisive as her character is.

The End

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