The Argument and The Solution.

"Look, Maikiko, don't be this way."

"How dare you tell me to do such a thing! That's it, I'm going back to the Nunnery!"

I sigh and look at my character. I'll be the first to admit that perhaps my Taming of the Shrew-esque piece was a little ambitious, but of all the people to be offering constructive criticism she was definately at the bottom of the list.

"Look Mai, I can understand you being upset with me, but this is actually good! You were never meant to like him in the first place, the idea is that you warm up to the guy as the plot goes on!"

My hopes that this would somehow diffuse the situation were soon shattered.

"I refuse to sleep with him no matter what you say! If you want to write some kind of sick porn do so about yourself! Or your mother! Either one works for me!"

I see a window of humour-based opportunity too good to pass up.

"Oh I see... You would rather sleep with my mother?"

"No I would not!"

As her fiery breath set light the curtain behind me, I started to wish I hadn't chosen fantasy as a genre...

"Ok Maikiko, think of things this way, you're not doing me a favour, you're helping yourself! I mean to be fair the poor guy did save you from the nunnery..."

"I was kidnapped."

"Yeah, but it was romantic!"

"No it wasn't. I refused to leave my home."

"Yes but he found your stubbornness cute! And your eyes were opened to a world of possibilities you never expected to find!"

She stayed quiet for a moment and I started to recover some faith in my plotline...

"I believe that you prefer him over me."

"No Mai, don't be this way!"

"I believe that you exhibit favouritism."

"You know that isn't true! But tell you what, fine. If you wish to go back to the nunnery and give up the exciting new lands and adventures that the pair of you discovered as an unlikely and reluctant team then go right ahead. You may go back to living in the bland setting I laid out for you from the start and he'll be on his way, never to disturb you again."

Maikiko remained quiet whilst I pulled out my word document, and held my finger over the backspace button...

"W-well you don't need to change it totally!"

"Oh ok then, You just want me to cut out the sexual and romantic scenes?"

My character blushed before responding.

"Well, I don't want to take away from your hard work..."

"Right good, I thought so!" I laughed as I looked at her before continuing.

"Well what can I say? I know you better than you do."

I clicked save on my laptop, triumphant once again.

The End

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