Is it still a character if you keep forgetting?

The horse.  I forgot the horse!  Again!

Okay, I know my writing process, is, well, quite a process, but you've either got to assert yourself or wander home.  I never even named you.  I didn't want to make a big deal of it.  I can't keep filling in the gaps between passages only to find you reappearing magically in the next scene.  It's just not working.

You were incredibly essential to the first part of the story.  I'll admit you're pretty vital to the picture I'm trying to paint there.   One main character on the journey of his life isn't getting far without you.  Got it.  

Okay, but the problem is, two or three characters and one horse don't get very far, or at least, not all three or four at once.  

I've thought of the dragon thing.  It'd be super cool and one dragon gets dang far with more than one passenger.  But that would likely change some of the dynamics within the city.  Too much work.  And trust me, that just sounds messy.  

So, okay, horse it is.  Even if I give you a name, make you super important to my main guy, it doesn't change the fact that I need you in some parts of the story (that are nowhere near consecutive) and need you to disappear in others.  If I do give you a name, and you're just a nuisance to my character, that just doesn't reflect well on you.  

Also if I name you, how much personality do I then have to write for you?  If I don't, how much does that take away from my main guy?  This is getting complicated.   

Time travelling horse?   Or it's just getting ridiculous.  

Okay, I'll write you into the last chapter and a half, but more because it's easier than taking you out of the last 10, no other reason.  Once we see where that goes, I'll think about giving you a status that is.  Don't get ideas.  Those are for me.

One last thing, I'll bet you reflect quite a bit about my writing process, and that just irks me more than anything else.  Too bad for you, I haven't forgotten what I was writing about.  

Horse.  You'll pay for this.

The End

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