Rosey: Chapter FourMature

Joshua flashed me a forced smile in return to my wink. I saw something flicker in his eyes as I grinned back, but it could have literally been something flickering in his eyes seeing as he was half transparent. 

David shot me an incredulous look before shuffling off to go and play Fifa, muttering to himself as he went, 'tidying.... spotless... smiling... end of the world.' Were the only words I managed to catch. 

Joshua just waited for me, floating, to turn my attention back to him, 'do you want to go to my room?' 

The teenage ghost's eyes popped out as he choked on his words, his face glowing something fantastic,  'please tell me that means something else now!' 

'What?' I spluttered, 'No! I meant to talk in private; compare notes on our alternate centuries!' I sped off to my bedroom, making an attempt to reduce the blood flow to my face which was redder than Joshua's. 

Joshua rushed after me, 'wait, Rosey, wait!' 

I flipped open my laptop, and opened my browser, 'I am going to google ghosts!' I declared once I sensed his presence in the room, 'I want to understand how you cleaned the house and if you can touch things!' 

'Oh, um, I used my ability to make things float,' he shrugged. I frowned at him, disappointed.

'So your hand does just go straight through stuff.' I grumbled, I don't know what I was expecting to hear from him, but somehow his answer disappointed me.

'Unless I'm feeling very emotional,' he added quickly, seeing the disappointment wash over my face, 'but even then it's only a hand...'

Noticing his discomfort on the subject of being able to touch and feel, I changed it, 'so did all the boys your age dress as you are?' 

'Most,' he said, 'but I wore these for a party.'

I felt my entire face glaze over with wonder, 'I would have loved to go to a party like that... I spend half my life dreaming about being back in your time, you know...'

'Are there no parties anymore?' Joshua asked. I found my mouth setting in a grim line, shaking my head.

'No. Not the sort civilised people take part in anyway. These parties are dirty, overruled by desire and teenage lust.' I shuddered, mentally sweeping away the image of a ruined Angelic Pretty dress from my mind. Joshua's horror matched mine, although he failed to hide it and was openly disgusted by the idea.

'Lust?! Before marriage?' He stammered, I stared at him sadly.

'This words is filled with unruly passion, it has been since even before when you were alive, Joshua. Although it's still frowned upon, it's less of a crime nowerdays.' I replied dryly.  

Joshua shook his head, 'I know restraint is necessary but you said these parties are overruled by desire.' 

'Alcohol can open many doors for the drinker,' I shrugged, 'Not,' I added, 'that I know anything about alcohol.' 

His brows knitted together in confusing, 'but you would have to drink a lot of alcohol to...' Something in his brain must have clicked, 'oh.. that is the point.' 

'Sad, isn't it?' I mumbled. Desperate to get off of this topic I asked him, 'how do you like my room, does it remind you of your time period?'

'Um... but all the pink...' He struggled to find the words.

'What about the pink?' I asked brightly, beaming at him; hoping my expression reflected my adoration of the colour.

'Uh, well... It's very bright?' Joshua offered. Not really the answer I was looking for, but it would have to do. I grinned at him, nodding vigorously. 

'Yeah,' I agreed, 'it keeps me happy after a long day at school. Do you go to school?'

'I learnt at home,' he replied.

'Aah, life back then must have been so cool!' I exclaimed, sighing. 

I leaned back on my elbows, staring at the fake stars on my ceiling, wondering that if Joshua and I had been born in the same time period we could have been friends. 

The End

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