Joshua: PrankMature

The fact that Rosey reminded me of Abigail did worry me cause I couldn't allow myself to fall for her. I was dead. A ghost. She was human and alive.

The two did not mix especially not romantically. In fact I shouldn't even be thinking about whether they mixed or not. I shouldn't be thinking about anything of the sort. Getting to my feet I began to pace. She was obviously going to be a while so I should really do something with myself. I could maybe do something useful. Looking around the rooms they weren't in the best of states.

So what did I do? I began to clean the house from top to bottom. I was scrubbing muck from the ceiling in the hall when I heard the front door open. Looking down before me I saw not only Rosey enter but also a boy with a few similar features to her. I tilted my head and stayed floating but I lost concentration on the sponge and bucket of soapy water. They tumbled down. The wet sponge hit the boy on the head as the water splashed all over him. The bucket hit the ground landing right at Rosey's feet. Oh sugar.

"What the fuck?!" Said the boy rudely while Rosey began to panic.

"Got you! I put them on the door, I forgot I walked in first" she lied pretending that the whole thing was a prank. Slowly I landed myself down quietly next to her. This guy who had returned with Rosey glared at her dumping his bags before storming to the sitting room. So that must been her brother. "Joshua! What the fuck where you doing?" 

"C-Cleaning t-the ceiling"She stared at me for a few moments before starting to laugh a little.

"Oh Jesus, you're so sweet, Joshua, thanks, but we don't clean ceilings anymore I don't think.."

"I had finished with everything else is all"

She looked around at the space and shock slowly formed on her face at the now clean space. "How on earth do I explain this is David...?"

"Uh..." I said at a loss for words and how to help.

"How to put this... I'm not really that great at chores and such.." She said looking embarrassed. In the past ladies did not have to do the house work but the lack of maids made me assume she had the responsibility.

"Oh sorry. I have put you in an awkward situation" I said apologetically. I began to think of a way I sort it all out but nothing came to mind causing me to frown.

"No, no! Not at all, I'm really grateful.. I guess I could just say a friend came over or something!" She said quickly giving me a smile which is when her brother walked in.

"Are you talking to yourself?" He asked with a raised eyebrow. 

"I was just on the phone.'' Rosey replied easy before flashing me a wink. I forced back a smile. God she was so lovely and that did not help me at all.

The End

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