Rosey: Chapter ThreeMature

I shut the door behind me, contemplating whether I should lock the door or not(I decided that there wasn't much a ghost could do against a robber and locked it) because, after all, there was in fact someone at home. 

I stepped out into my front garden, the cold air biting at my face as the wind blew. My house was situated on top of a cliff in a small estate near a quaint sea side town. My neighborhood was filled with huge houses inhabited by old ex-millionaires with more money than sense. My parents were well paid in their work and thus, we could live where we live. But their eccentric jobs came at a price; family time was severely cut due to business trips. 

For the most part, David and I faired quite well - we have an old friend(and neighbour) who checks in daily to make sure we're not in trouble. Although I find myself missing them greatly at times, life is easy and I don't complain too much.

But all of a sudden, my easy(although slightly bizarre) lifestyle has brightened up a lot by my recent encounter with Joshua, even if it's only been half an hour I feel like I've found someone I can relate to properly. 

I made my way down the garden path to the pavement, glancing back at the window, I could see Joshua looking vacant. He must be day dreaming, I mumbled inwardly before turning away and making my way to the town. 


The clinic nurse didn't even need to verify who I was and what I needed any more, she just smiles and hands me my brothers medication; politely commenting on how the clothes I wear must be cold in the brisk wind. The Saturday shift nurse knows now that it is something of a taboo to mention my brother's heart condition to me(as do all the nurses) and usually just bid me farewell. 

I thanked her for the drugs and promptly left the clinic.

'Grocery, grocery...' I muttered under my breath as I fumbled with the clasp on my BTSSB pochette to snatch the crumpled shopping list. I read through it, and narrowed my eyes at David's untidy scrawl on the last line, I need new underwear. I heaved a sigh, I didn't even want to think about why he, a boy of fifteen years, needed new underwear. I made my way to the mini Sainsburys on the street corner to purchase our weekly stock of food(which mainly consisted of meat and vegetables). 

After finishing the shopping I was in somewhat of a rush to return home to what may or may not be the undoing of my mind. 


The End

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