Joshua: Chapter TwoMature

Rosey was... Beautiful. Every time I looked at her I had to remind myself that we weren't no longer in my era and that was wonderful. For the first time I was pleased with what I had found coming up from the cellar.

"So you really know nothing about.... Now?" The sweet lady asked and I nervously replied by shaking my head."Why did you come out the cellar?"

"I get intrigued about the world every so often" I informed her and this world I like very much I thought but  I didn't add.

"Oh.. ok.." she shrugs in dismissal. "So you don't know about TV and stuff?"

"T...V?" I questioned confused by her stating those particular letters as if they should mean something. 

"Television... it's like a picture which moves and talks.."

Her words reminded me of that thing earlier of which I had messed with freaking out the boy. "I think I saw a boy watching something of the sort earlier" I said again holding back facts.

''It was probably David, he's my brother. Oh crap! I've got to go!'' 

"Leave? So suddenly?" I questioned confused by the sudden outburst. I wanted her to stay so we could talk a little more. So I could learn more about this beautiful girl that called herself Rosey. I didn't want her rushing off and leaving me waiting back here eager for her return.

''I need to get his medication and the shopping.'' She explained then held out her smallest finger towards me in some sort of gesture.''But I promise I'll be back soon and we can talk some more!'' 

Not knowing what to do I stood there awkwardly not wanting to confess I didn't know what to do. I had appeared quiet dumb to her already. As moments past though and she still waited with her pinky out I was forced to ask, "What am I meant to be doing?"

''You shake it, a pinky promise.'' She said wiggling her 'pinky' around. Still a little confused I took the pinky in my hand and shook it. Rosey burst out laughing in a way that made me feel the fool. "I'll need to train you up in the ways of the modern world. I wish you could come outside with me. But in the meantime, I can leave the television on for you while I'm out?''

"Um.... No, thank you" I said not liking the strange box machine.

''You sure? Oh well. I'll be back soon, it was fantastic meeting you even if you might not be real!'' She said as she moved around putting on her pink coat and then leaving with this lovely little wave.

I waved back, less girly I hoped, and felt the sudden loneliness hit me as the door closed. I sat down by the door cross legged and waited for the beautiful girl to return. She reminded me so much of my time with her silly pink clothes which made me think. Made me ponder over my memories... Especially one.... Abigail 

Around 300 years ago.....

"Joshua! Joshua! Are you listening?" Scolded my mother as she woke me from my daydreaming. I looked over at her and felt her cold eyes pierce into me like a hundred icicles.  "You better pay attention when we arrive! There is a chance her that you will be able to court his daughter. Do you know how much wealth that would mean for us? It would save the manor.... The memories of your father"

I winced as my mother hit low once again to get me to succumb to what she wanted. "Yes, mother" I said looking out the window as my heart filled with aching for my deceased father.

It was two years now and with his death came our drop in income which brought on my mothers desperate need to gain in back. She had tried everything and now her finally resort was marrying me off. There wasn't much left of my fathers stuff she could pawn and I'd be damned if there was something I could do that would stop it.

"Here we are. Look, Joshua" my mother said. I turned in my seat to look past my mother and through her side window. The sight was a large manor that must at least contain seven bedrooms. Then looking to the right of the building you could see more development being done. "You best be on your best behaviour"

"Yes, mother" I said and sat back in my seat a little dismayed I might actually be marrying not for love. Our carriage pulled up and our accompanying server, our only servant, called Frank helped mother out but not me. He hated me like mother. In fact he worshipped mother and called me a burden on her grieving heart and struggle.

"Stand straight, Joshua" my mother snapped. "Here they come" I looked up and froze. Time seemed to slow as a beautiful maiden slowly made her way down the steps with flowing golden hair and chocolate brown eyes she made me catch my breath. "Sir Samuel and Little Lady Abigail how much you have grown! Where is my cousin Juliet?"

"Resting in bed" Sir Samuel explained but I wasn't listening to him. I was watching Abigail, the girl my mother wanted me to court.

The End

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