Rosey: Chapter TwoMature

I woke up groggy and immensely tired on Saturday morning. After many hours lying in bed, my brain forcing me to remember all of the terrifying creatures from the movies I'd watched previously, I fell into a restless sleep filled with monsters and ghosts.

As I pulled off my eye mask I poked Mana, who was curled up in a ball on my chest. She mewled in protest as I resorted to shoving her off of me.

While I pulled on my bloomers I felt my stomach drop when my eyes drifted to the floor next to my desk. It was clear, no beads to be seen. Instead I found them back inside the trinket box on top of my table. Creeped out, I left my room(still just in a blouse and bloomers) and entered my brothers.

I kicked him awake, 'did you clean away those beads for me?' 

'NowhywoulddI?' David moaned, slapping away my foot.

'Because Mum and Dad are on a business trip. You're the only one in the house who could have done it. Don't play pranks on my, David. You know I don't like it.' I snapped, turning on my heel.

'Why the fuck would I clean your room for you?' He yelled.

'No idea. I didn't touch those beads, so you must have done it. Stop lying you smelly git!' I shouted behind me childishly.

'Oh my days, whatever.' I heard him mumble to himself. I tutted and went back to my wardrobe.

'Merry sweet castle with.... off white Innocent World blouse,' I thought aloud, pursing my lips. Shrugging, I heaved the dress out of my wardrobe. 

Not bothering with any fancy stuff, I slid in some green lenses with a lick of mascara. Adjusting my half-bonnet as I walked down the stairs, I suddenly felt like I walked through a icy waterfall.

I gasped and whirled around, but nothing was there. I nearly called for David, but I was distracted my the incessant screeching of Mana in the kitchen.

After feeding my cat, I returned to the place where I had experienced the draft. I put my hand out and turned it around in an attempt to figure out where the cold air was coming from. I narrowed my eyes in suspicion as I felt no chilly breeze.

I snapped out of my trance when David strode out of his room wearing nothing but his underwear. Which gave way for me to see way more hair leg and belly than I wanted.

'Ew, gross! Put some clothes on you barbarian!' I shrieked, pointing an accusing finger at him, 'why are you so bloody hairy!' 

'Why are you so much of a noisy brat! Go cook some bacon, I have football practice this morning.

'Make it yourself, lamoid!' I retorted, switching direction to the living room, 'I'm busy watching Animal Rescue!'

About fifteen minutes later I heard the front door's lock click as David left for his kickabout which he insisted was an actual club team.

Settling into the plush sofa, I tried to focus on the goat that was running rampant on an Australian highway rather than the freaky occurrences. I knew I was thinking about it too much, I always did. 

I stood up, and Mana squeaked at my as I flung the blanket off of me and onto her. I marched into the kitchen, trying to look as indifferent as I could in case there were any monsters lurking about. If I looked brave they wouldn't mess with me, I thought slyly as I poured tropical juice into a small glass.

I put the glass to my lips and looked at myself in the mirror. I didn't really wear this dress as often as I should, looking over my shoulder I noticed an oddly dispersed dust cloud shining in the light of the window. In it, a large gap sat. The dust just... went around it. Changed it's course so not to meet with the space.

Suddenly, out of fucking nowhere a boy was stood in front of me. I dropped my glass, shrieking bloody murder. I stumbled backwards and grabbed the nearest thing next to me(the electric whisk which was not plugged in and didn't presently have any whisks in it) and waved it in front of me like it was the best defence weapon in the world.

Much to my surprise, he jumped, backing away in the same way I did.

I was nearly crying, ignoring his pretty amazing get-up, 'who the fuck are you!? Why are you in my house? Oh my god are you going to kill me?' 

'W-what? No! P-please just put that thing down! You will catch an eye out with it!' He said nervously, he held his hands which were framed with filly cuffs up in front of himself defensively.

I put the whisk down shakily, 'I know self defence.' I warned him. 

'I am most sure you do.' He agreed, his hands still held steadily in front of him.

'Why are you in my house?' I asked warily, eyeing up his outfit which looked like a Alice and the Pirates X Disney collaborative.

'Technically, you are in my house.' He mumbled.

'Hah?' I hissed aggressively.


I stared at him, I was in his house? That didn't really make any sense. He didn't looked like a murderer or a rapist or a robber and certainly didn't act like one. His bright green eyes were wide, fearful and set on me. 

'Do you need me to call someone for you?' I finally questioned him. Maybe he was sick, from a hospital or something. 

‘Call? I doubt many would hear you yell, miss.’ He frowned at me. I felt like all the blood in my body had been drained into the floor.

‘What do you mean “if you yell”?! I’m actually going to call the police if you don’t leave!’ I snarled, the fearful lump in my throat rising.

‘The police? Who are they?’ He queried.

‘Get the fuck out of my house right now!’ I repeated, a little more aggressively. It was ruined by my voice which cracked with the tears that threatened to spill.

‘Miss! Don’t cry! I apologise for causing you distress but I cannot leave! I am contained within this home.’ He informed me, his voice panicked as his hands floated in the air, trying to console me without nearing me.

‘Oh my god, you’re actually crazy! Are you going to kill me?’ I wailed loudly, this was awful. Just when my brother left the house. I’m too young to die. There are too many prints I don’t own!

‘Miss, I never would commit to such a horrid act! I-I apologise for being the cause of your distress. I… will go now.’ Then, as though it was the most natural, the most reasonable thing to do he only began to sink through the bloody floor.

My feet became heavy weights all of a sudden, ‘I’ve gone crazy,’ I wept, sobs wracking my chest. This was not normal. Stuff like this only happened in my romance novels not in real life!

He stopped mid-float, ‘no, Miss, you’re not! Please, pretty lady, don’t cry. It’s such a sin for a beautiful girl to cry,’ he cooed gently.

‘Oh God, why do you talk like you’re in a movie? Are you monster? A ghost?’

He visibly winced at my brutal words, ‘you were right on the second one, Miss.’

‘What year are you from?’ What was I doing? Why was I asking it questions – it probably just wanted to eat my soul and get it over and done with.

Much to my surprise he expressed my favourite era in the history of ever, ‘early eighteenth century, Miss.’

‘Have you ever been to France?’ I blurted, my fear evaporating like water in a desert as his history peaked my interest.

‘Once, Miss, why?’

‘I have a passing interest in Baroque and Rococo artwork. So you’re really a ghost? What can you do?’ I pressed, trying to squeeze information out of him.

‘Uh… this:’ he put his hand out and made the electric whisk I had previously used as a defence weapon float. ‘And this:’ this time he, himself, floated, ‘and this:’ He the proceeded to shove his arm into the wall.

I clapped appreciatively, ‘that is really cool!’ I paused frowning, looking upon  the bigger picture, ‘why have none of us ever seen you?’

‘I have been hiding in the cellar.’ Okay, that is a little creepy.

‘For three hundred years?’ I said sceptically. I started walking back through to the living room, gesturing him to follow me. The boy hesitated before silently following me, ‘how did you not go mad?’

‘How do you know I haven’t?’ He teased.

I felt my already milky pallor whiten even more, ‘you’re mad?’

He smiled gently, ‘no, Miss. I’m not mad… I don’t think so.’

I laughed nervously, ‘well it’s either you or me, because I’m the one seeing a dead person.’

‘I doubt such a pretty girl would go insane.’ He replied warmly.

‘You’re really well spoken,’ I complimented him, ‘were you rich or something? I mean, our house isn’t huge…’

‘I was bigger.’ The boy sighed.

‘What do you mean?’

‘They demolished it a lot at some point.’ He looked a little sad.

‘Really? I never knew! So have you literally been living in the cellar for three hundred years?’

‘I have been shining my mother’s jewellery.’ He said simply.

‘That’s all?’ I said, shocked. Then I suddenly realised I was being pretty rude, asking him all this questions one after the other. And he was being so polite answering them all.

‘I’m really sorry, that’s none of my business. I’m Rosey, if you wanted to know.’  I did my best attempt at a curtsey.

‘Joshua, Miss.’ He replied, bowing a little.

My life just got a whole lot more exciting.

The End

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