Now What?Mature


The search of their safe house turned up no bugs of any sort.  The team was confused as to how they had been compromised.  While command had given them schematics and so forth, Cypher had planned the mission.

Wraith was cleaning his rifle as he thought about their situation.  As he was disassembling it, he found a very small square cut into the stalk.  It was in about the area his mouth was near when he was in a firing position.  He used a knife to pry a tiny object out of it.

He set it gently on the table and motioned for the others to come look at it.  Cypher could tell that it was a top of the line recording device.  They all went to another room to discuss this new development.

"Shit, that means the SPIES command compromised us.  What are we going to do?" said Shade.

"We need to go off the grid and disappear.  I know some people who can fly us out of here.  I doubt that SPIES wants us to fail, but perhaps there is a mole in their midst," said Wraith.

"Let's check the rest of our gear first, leave all the bugs here.  Then we can try finding this mole," replied Cypher.

The End

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