Aleksandra Markovich (Cypher)

As I stepped from the house, the roar of a helicopter nearing, the scene unfolded like some cheezy American drama. There stood our target's wife, tears streaming from her eyes. She was well dressed for the house and blood covered her once angelically white shirt.

She may have been old but looked like one of those older women that men chased, Cougars, as Americans call them. The kicker in this almost laughable scene was the gun pressed to Shade's head, flush against his throbbing temple. The woman's face twisted, a sour look falling upon her once kind featured face. 

"You killed my husband. Now you're here to kill me too!" The woman didn't seem to understand the situation. She was not in control, just in the way. 


The silencer on my pistol hissed as a bullet tore through the womans face and sprayed brains and skull matter all over Shade. Why had he just frozen there, he had the gun and the training to kill her and in the moment he froze. Like a deer in the headlights. 

"Don't ever make me do that again!" I growled, roughly grabbing his wrist and running for my life. The roar of the helicopter was almost deafening now, a whine screaming from the rotors when two flashes sparked over head.

"Get out of there!" Wraith screamed over the radio. 

"Down no-" The rest of my sentence was drowned out by a large explosion, Nova's house erupted in flames. A plume of black smoke rose and was tossed around by the ever present rotors. I kept Shade pressed to the ground as flaming debris began to rain, it was an apocalyptic scene spread before us. Then a shot rang out, followed by another, then a succession of shots. Wraith...that has to be Wraith's rifle. That was the only thought that pushed through the smoke, the fire, and the thick forest around us.  

I lifted Shade a bit and turned my eyes skyward. The craft had begun a ballet dance whirling round and round, tilting every which way until it nosed forward and plowed into the ground. More explosions followed as the helicopter was in its final death throws. Finally I stood, coughing and wiping dirt and debris from my clothes. 

"Fuck!" I shouted angrily, it had all back fired...all the time and planning ruined. "FUCK!" I shouted louder, digging one hand into my pocket and the other gripped with the silenced pistol tightly.

"Shade? Cypher?" A voice called through the blackened veil.

"We're here," I shouted back, amazed that this team had actually survived the mishap.  

Shade stared at me, I'm sure he could tell I was pissed but I didn't bother. Someone had known and set all of the theatrics up for us. The only ones who knew were SPIES and my team. And much as I hated to admit it, Shade and Wraith would have never compromised the mission. Eventually Wraith's form appeared and neared us, I cast a glance to the burning helicopter remains. 

"Good Shot but we have a problem, someone compromised us and this entire mission. They knew we were coming and they left a welcoming party. Let's go," I turned on my toes and stalked back through the forest and down the road to our hide house. 

"We're gonna check our set up for bugs, cameras, anything to give us clues." I turned back to the Americans my expression softening a bit. 

"Glad you're both alive." With that I returned my attention back to the mission at hand. Can't let them think I'm going soft on them now can I?

The End

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