That wasn't in the brief...Mature


Wraith jogged alongside Cypher and Shade, rifle in hand.  As they neared the position he had chosen as his sniper's nest, he slowed and left the narrow road.  Coming to the edge of the clearing, he dropped prone and examined the area through his scope.

"Wraith in position, wait for my signal," said Wraith into their secure radio channel.  He waited for the guards at the end of the drive to turn towards the house.  He practiced his transition several times before steadying his breathing.

He fired at the first target, watching as brain matter went flying through the air.  He quickly racked another shell into the chamber and shifted his sights to the second guard, who turned to look at his friend in horror.  A clean shot to the temple killed him.

"Go!" said Wraith as he searched for further targets.  Where are those other two guards? he thought to himself.  He couldn't seem to find them anywhere on the front side of the house.

Shade and Cypher reached the front of the house.  Shade went in first, heading directly for the target's room.  Cypher stayed near the front to cover Shade's escape.  After a minute, they still hadn't emerged from the building.

Something isn't right here... thought Wraith as he again searched for targets.  To his right he heard the rapid thumping of helicopter rotors.  He turned to see a helicopter flying at top speed towards the house.  On the side of the aircraft he could see rocket pods.

"GET OUT OF THERE!" he yelled into the radio as the chopper fired its rockets into the house.  He aimed at the chopper and fired several shots.  Now I wish I had brought the fifty he thought to himself as his rounds cracked the canopy.  Another  shot shattered the glass and the pilots skull, sending the helicopter crashing into the ground.  He got to his feet and started running towards the house.

I've lost another team... he thought as he drew closer.

The End

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