It Never Gets Any EasierMature

Cypher made it sound like this is going to be simple, but if there's something I know about operations, is that they never go according to plan.

I'm still thinking about this as I bolt down some breakfast. Cypher's doing something technical with one of her many guns, and Wraith is going back over the blueprints. Waste of time if you ask me. I remember it already - one of the things that makes me useful. I've never worked out whether my memory is photographic, but sometimes it seems near as dammit. Others, it forgets the simplest things. It's temperamental, to say the least.

I'll be going in first. I always go in first. Wraith and Cypher take out the perimeter guards and any dogs running around the place, and I cannon in the front door (big big mistake if you ask me, but no one around here ever does, so... ), and bang, Nova's dead. I'm not looking forward to taking out his wife. Because I will have to, that's almost certain. No one hears a gunshot in their house and pays it no attention.

I've done my fair share of shooting men, women too. Once a child. It never gets any easier.

And doing it like this? I killed a twelve-year-old boy because if I didn't, he would've shot me and my team. It was self defense, a split-second decision. But this cold planning of killing... That doesn't hang right with me, never has, hopefully never will.

I'm far more comfortable when the sides are equal, or even when I'm at a disadvantage. Like when I spent a month gathering intel on a nuclear plant in Brazil before anyone even mentioned touching a trigger. Or sniffing around in Australia, pretending to be a photographer. Gave me an excuse to take snaps of all sorts of useful things...

'You ready?'

I jump slightly, turning to Cypher. No, I'm not. So definitely and completely not ready.


The End

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