No SleepMature

Aleksandra  (Cypher)

I grinned when Wraith backed away, as long as I'm crazy...I'll act it. Contained within the safe was an armories worth of weapons; including mine. An M4 with M68 Close Combat Optics using a Shortened 14.5 in barrel. I passed over my HK MP5 submachine gun in favor of my semi-automatic SIG-Sauer Model P225.  The money contained within the safe was only Wraith's concern, I cared little. 

"Don't load up too heavily on ammunition, we only intend to kill the target and if worse comes to worse...we'll kill Nova's wife and dogs." I looked away from Wraith and Shade. "Those extra targets are going to be our bargaining chips. Our route will be up their front driveway and through the front door." Out of a duffel bag I pulled two pairs of jogging clothes, passing the other to Shade. I then removed a roll of satellite pictures and blueprints.

"That's Suicide!" Shade growled, I looked over my shoulder. 

"Having second thoughts are we?" Shade narrowed his eyes and shook his head. I placed my pistol into its shoulder holster. "Shade, you'll be the one to kill Nova's wife, if needed. Wraith you will be taking out the three perimeter guards, come with me. As for you Shade, get some rest tomorrow we will execute our mission." I turned from the window and walked calmly into the kitchen, Wraith following behind me. Rummaging around in the cupboards, I found a small loaf of bread. I sighed "It'll have to do." I set the bread and papers down on the table, Wraith also took a seat.

"This is where the first guard post is," I said pointing to a picture and a starred point on the blueprint. "It's on the eastern side of the building, nearest the family den. The other two rotate between here and here." I motioned to a picture of the mile long driveway and and a the large four car garage. "The posts interchange guards every two hours and a dog patrol circles the perimeter every six hours. Our window of entrance is at 0400 hours when the guards change over, giving us two hours to get in and get out. I'm going to need you to take out any guard that gets near us, understood?" Wraith mulled over the pictures and intelligence then gave me a nod. 

"Then get some rest tomorrow we strike."  I stood, leaving the unopened bread on the table and slinging my rifle over my shoulder.  I walked out of the kitchen and into the living room, taking a seat on the nearest couch. A loud crackle of thunder roared in the distance and rain began to pour. I won't be getting any sleep tonight. 

The End

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