Guns make me happy...Mature

The ride to the cottage was uneventful, to say the least.  The driver played some horrible music, Cypher fidgeted the entire time, and Shade sat there like a bump on a log.  When they finally came to a stop, Wraith was glad they weren't staying farther away.

Cypher confidently walked to the door, producing a small key from her pocket.  After she opened the door, she stepped inside and began checking the house.  Wraith and Shade followed.  Eventually they found what they were looking for.

Wraith found a large gun safe and yelled, "Cypher!  Found it!"

She hurried to the room and began unlocking the safe.  The heavy door finally swung open and she stepped back.  Inside was all of their equipment, blueprints of the house complete with guard posts and estimated resistance.  Finally, their "expense" money, in bundles of ten thousand dollars, was packed in.

"Ah, $150,000 dollars in clean money.  Ain't that just a sweet sight?" said Wraith.

Cypher turned and glared at him before saying, "I am team leader.  If you take any of it, I'll kill you."

"Relax, you psychotic Russian.  I don't have any need for it, anyway," replied Wraith.  He moved forward and grabbed his equipment before moving away so the others could do the same.  He loaded his pistol and put on his body armor, just in case that Russian decided to carry through with her threats.

The End

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