Aleksandra Markovich (Cypher)

A small bell chimed at the front of the plane, lights coming on around the cabin.

"Ladies and Gentlemen," an accented female spoke " Welcome to the Tegel airport in Berlin, we hope you have enjoyed the flight. Please fasten your seatbelts, we will be landing in 15 minutes. My attention turned inside my mind, I sighed. So far working with the team, Wraith and Shade, had been difficult. Back in Moskova (Moscow), things were much simpler.Vasiliovich and I were a much more efficient team, working in tandem and knowing each others moves. We were the KGB's go-team when it came to delicate issues, that was until we were deemed 'too hot' and had to be terminated. A scowl crossed my face as I blocked the memory. Since that cold Russian night, I had lost my optimism, my heart, and anything that attached me to my homeland. For a week after the attempted assassination, I hid Kiev and managed to catch a not so legal flight to the United States.

That was where SPIES had found me. What was I going to do; no family, no friends, no allies I would have been screwed. So I decided to join, hoping that one day I would have the chance to get back at the men who gunned down my comrade and nearly killed me. From then on I made a final decision; If I can't trust my own country, how can I trust any other? How did I know that Wraith and Shade wouldn't just kill me when I got the chance. 

The plane whined and shuddered, jerking as it's wheels touched the tarmac. The engines spun down, the aircraft becoming a large bus. When we finally reached the terminal, all the other passengers stood and stretched. I remained seated, keeping my eyes on a swivel. Ever since I had to leave behind my weapons, my hands constantly fidgeted playing with a silver necklace that bore a red star. It was Vasiliovich's, he had given it to me before his untimely death. Shade tapped me and the shoulder and motioned to the front of the plane. I nodded and stood, walking through the plane and into the airport. Groups of people passed, too concentrated in their own business to notice us. 

"This way," I pushed through the throngs of people till I reached the main door, under a large awning. Stepping outside, a light crackle of thunder drummed as soft patters of rain began to fall. I waved my hand at a taxi, the white van pulled up and it's window opened. Wraith stepped forward negotiating our ride to a small cottage outside the bustling city. Wraith turned to us and gave a thumbs up, so we all filled into the vehicle. The ride would take a few hours. 

"Take a nap gents," I faked an English accent "It'll be a bit till we get to the cottage and we still have to plan for the meeting." Wraith lightly shook his head and stared out the window. Shade seemed a bit more relaxed and set his head against the head rest. My hands began fidgeting again. When I have my weapons, I'll be more than happy to watch Nova bleed alongside his wife. 

The End

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